Tuesday, 6 June 2017

May 2017 | Photo Diary

May has always been a favourite month of mine, not only are there two bank holidays, but both myself and my boyfriend celebrate our birthdays in May and, if we're lucky, the sun sometimes decides to be a babe and put his hat on for us.

Hen Party Cupcakes | Pretty Pink Hearts, Bows & Pearls
Pretty Hen Party Cupcakes

I came up with this pretty design for a hen party cupcake order and I love how they turned out. I went for a more classy, girly theme with hearts, bows, dainty flowers and pearls. I think it's pretty much impossible for me to create anything non-girly, isn't it?..

Milani Rose Illuminating Face Powder | Beauty's Touch
Milani Rose Illuminator

I totally caved and purchased this beautiful Illuminating Face Powder from Milani after seeing it dotted about over the internet. I'm just smitten with the gorgeous rose design, isn't it so pretty! The product itself is a little underwhelming I must say, and I'm a little confused as to whether it's supposed to be a blush or a highlight but I'm not sure I really care haha.

Luxury Makeup Mess
Makeup Pretties

Hands up who else has high end luxury makeup products that they just can't bring themselves to use? Enter my MAC limited editions, especially that dreamy, beautiful, sparkly Mariah Carey lipstick. It's okay to keep them as collectors items, right?!..

Pink Princess Candy Floss Drip Cake | French Fancies, Party Rings & Iced Gems
Princess Birthday Cake

Everyone felt a little sorry for sad old me for baking my own birthday cake. I mean yeah it is a little lame, but I was totally happy to do it (excited even, haha), because it meant three things. One, I got to create a cake with myself in mind aka. a dream, pink princessy cake, two, there was no pressure if it failed (hey, it's only me not a paying customer) and three, I actually got to eat a piece (or three..). Don't get me wrong, I do love making my cakes and cupcakes to order, but it's always nice when I can literally create whatever I fancy! So I went for a classic vanilla sponge, layered with pink candy floss flavoured buttercream, a white chocolate ganache drip, decorated with French Fancies, Party Rings, Iced Gems and aall the glitter! It was perfect.

MacBook Pro Birthday Present
Best Present Evah

My boyfriend only went and completely spoilt me with a bloody MacBook Pro! Let's be honest I've got him to thank for all of my latest posts because I've been blogging from his laptop for a good half a year, as my previous one practically died and fell apart on me (literally). So a new one was definitely needed. I just wasn't expecting such an amazing gift! What a babe. (I think he probably just wanted his laptop back...)

May Photo Diary | Love, Catherine
~ Birthday Gal ~

What's a birthday without a selfie! It was the first time in over two years that I'd bothered to pick up a bottle of fake tan and I felt I needed photographic evidence of the result! If anyone has any fake tan recommendations, feel free to shoot them my way as I did enjoy not feeling like a ghost for once.

Hope you had a lovely May!


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  1. your cakes look amazing, so talented xx


  2. Seriously I don't think I'll ever get over how amazing your baking skills are!!

    -Sophie xx
    Cherries & Perfume ♡

  3. Your cakes always look so amazing. You're so talented! x

    Jordan Alice

  4. Yay for May, we're birthday month twins! My birthday is 12th May! The cake you made yourself looks absolutely incredible and I can imagine it tasted a m a z i n g!! Also, your boyfriend is literally the biggest babe ever for buying you a Macbook Pro - you lucky gal! It sounds like you had a great May and I hope you had a really lovely birthday xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk

    1. Aw I hope you had a fab birthday hun! He definitely is isn't he, the MacBook is amazing! Thank you sweet :-) xo

  5. Lovely post Catherine and I love how everything is so girly. Super inspired by your baking too!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  6. You are so beautiful, I want you to make me a cake like that! So jealous of your pretty MacBook, I'm well over due a new one AND you are totally makeup collection goals!! xxx

    Gemma Louise

  7. Absolutely stunning cake! I wish I could bake, my birthday cakes would look that amazing!!

    Rachael xox