Monday, 8 May 2017

April 2017 | Photo Diary

April Photo Diary | Love, Catherine

I do find that sometimes my motivation for blogging hits in waves and other times life simply gets in the way, which is why this photo diary is a little late sorry dolls! I do hope you'll appreciate it anyway as I love this months selection of pictures!

Miss Etoile Pretties | Love, Catherine
New Miss Etoile Pretties

I purchased some pretty new items from one of my favourite brands Miss Etoile. They have the cutest homeware items and trinkets, I'd been after this adorable eyes open mug for so long, doesn't it have such Beauty & The Beast vibes? I love the design with the little scalloped rim and the big pink bow on the inside! I also spotted the little pink and gold ring dish with the lash design and couldn't resist!

A Peggy Porschen Visit | Love, Catherine
 A Peggy Porschen Visit 

A Peggy Porschen Visit | Love, Catherine
 A Peggy Porschen Visit 

Every time I take a little visit into London I always end up back at my favourite little cake shop; Peggy Porschen. Believe me I do try and plan to go elsewhere but the last time I went somewhere different I regretted not taking a trip to Peggy's! The cafe has the prettiest pink, girly decor and the cakes are not only beautiful but delicious too, it's basically like taking a trip into the centre of my brain and I'm just in my element. I had an Easter themed carrot cupcake with a floral rose tea!

Pink House In Notting Hill | Love, Catherine
 Pretty Notting Hill 

We also took a stroll around Notting Hill in the Spring sunshine. Literally every street you walk down has rows of pastel coloured houses, it's so cute, not to mention it's an Instagram dream if you appreciate a pretty coloured door. I came across this pretty pink house and had to snap a quick picture of the front door, #housegoals.

A Princessy Flatlay | Love, Catherine
May Issue Harper's Bazaar 

I spotted the May Issue of Harper's Bazaar over on the lovely Freya's Instagram story (that girl makes me need everything I swear!) and it looked like such a princessy dream that I had to pick up a copy. The front has a gorgeous pink cover with dainty leaves and flowers wrapped around the Bazaar letters (see a photo here), it's so pretty! I love the spread on the inside on the Chanel Spring/Summer Couture show, just look at all the soft pinks, glitter and feathers *heart eyes*. I don't often buy magazines but I will definitely cherish this one.

Spring Picnic Date | Love, Catherine
 Spring Picnic Date 

We had some lovely warm weather at the start of April so me and my boyfriend took the opportunity to have a little picnic by the Royal Crescent in Bath. I took a soft blanket and cute napkins and we bought a feast of picnic foods including a fresh baguette, cherry tomatoes, rose lemonade and a punnet of strawberries. Picnics really are the best! Until the sun goes in that is...

Mini Egg Easter Cupcakes | Love, Catherine
Easter Mini Egg Cupcakes

Isn't Easter baking just the cutest! I did really want to create something a bit more detailed like I did for my Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's cupcakes, but as I was short of time that week I settled for the next best thing; mini egg nest cupcakes! Mini eggs really are the epitome of Easter treats thought don't you think?! These have a yummy Nutella centre with a hidden mini egg inside!

Luxe Pretties | Love, Catherine
Luxe Pretties

You didn't think I almost finished this month's Photo Diary without popping in a pretty makeup picture did you! I still can't bring myself to use that beautiful Dior highlight, I swatched it once and have been to scared to ruin it since haha fail. I was quite pleased with this photo as I took it at 6.30pm and uploaded it straight away to my Instagram, and the lighting/quality doesn't look bad at all, yay to Spring!

Hope you had a lovely April!


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