Thursday, 2 March 2017

February 2017 | Photo Diary

Love, Catherine | February 2017 Photo Diary

Urmm sorry but wasn't it just Christmas like yesterday? How did March roll around so flippin' quickly! Not that I'm complaining, bring on Spring and all of it's longer, lighter, cherry blossomed days please and thanks!

Love, Catherine | Kate Spade Pink Cedar Street Perforated Lacey Bag
Kate Spade Bag

So I've probably harped on enough about my pretty new Kate Spade bag now, but just look! It's so pretty it deserved it's shining moment on my blog (lol). I'm not one with hoards of expensive bags (I only own this and a Ted Baker) but I've lusted after Kate Spade's gorgeous collections for so long and you may even remember I popped this exact bag in a wishlist a while ago. So when I happened to come across it in store with over 60% off my heart actually happy danced all the way over to the till. I mean, it was just fate right?

Love, Catherine | Hearts & Teddybears Valentine's Cupcakes
Valentine's Cupcakes

Pink, girly, cutesy themes put me in my element so obviously I couldn't pass Valentine's Day without creating some adorable cupcakes! I went for a pink hearts and teddy bear theme and I just think they are too cute, even if I do say so myself. Special shoutout to the men that ordered some for their wives/girlfriends, they know the way to a girls heart...

Love, Catherine | Pretty Pink Flatlay, Freya Lingerie in Petal
Freya Lingerie

I was so lucky to be gifted the prettiest lingerie set from the amazing Freya brand, that I'd already heard really great things about. I have the Freya Fancies set in a beautiful soft, petal pink and it has the loveliest lacey detailing. It comes as both a Bralette* and a Plunge Bra*, and they are just so delicate and gorgeous that I thought they deserved a mention!

Love, Catherine | Giant Heart Shaped Iced Cookie
Giant Iced Cookie

What happens when you can't get to Millie's Cookies to purchase a Giant Heart Shaped Iced Cookie for Valentine's Day? Make your own of course! I've actually never even tried Millie's Cookies but their personalised large cookies always look so cute, so I thought I'd give it a go myself and I have to say I was so pleased with my first attempt! I think I might have gotten more girlfriend points if I hadn't made it super pink and girly though...

Love, Catherine | Sparkly Pink Mani
Sparkly Pink Mani

I always go through stages with my nails of keeping them super neat and polished all the time or literally not at all for months on end. I hadn't painted them for the longest time and I decided they needed a little tlc. I used Barry M Kiss Me Quick for a pretty pink mani shade and popped a little bit of Tanya Burr's Glitter Rain at the cuticle end for a little pop of sparkle.

Love, Catherine | Magical Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Cake
Unicorn Birthday Cake

Unicorns are real least in cake form! I got a lil' bit excited when a customer requested a Unicorn themed birthday cake, because I'd been dying to do something magical and rainbowy for too long. I know I say this with basically everything I bake, but this is definitely my favourite creation so far! Pastel pink, candy floss, rainbow heaven!

Love, Catherine | Fresh Glowy Makeup & Straight Hair
Fresh Glowy Makeup & Straight Hair

I rarely ever straighten my hair as I'm addicted to soft, bouncy, princessy curls, and I personally think straight locks look kinda boring on me as my natural hair is quite straight anyway. But strangely enough whenever I do wear it straight, I always get lots of compliments! Perhaps just because it looks different...
I've also been obsessed with my Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer which gives the loveliest luminosity to the skin and makes your makeup apply flawlessly! Another favourite of mine that I'm wearing here is the Laura Geller Charming Pink Illuminator, which is the most perfect pearly pink highlight shade.

Hope you had a lovely February!


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  1. Love this post! You are such a talented and creative baker - seriously impressive! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxuryFragranceGiveaway

  2. Lovely photos. You should definitely do how you edit your photos.

    Charming Coco

  3. That unicorn birthday cake is everything! I hate straight hair on me too but for some reason other people seem to like it, I think it's just because straight hair isn't as much of a thing anymore? Your hair is gorgeous and looks princessy whatever the style, beautiful photos. Your IG feed is my favourite, you're so talented and beautiful xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Aw thank you sweet! Yeah I feel like straight hair was the 'coolest' hairstyle when I was at school and now it's not so much! xo

  4. The unicorn cake is so cute, you're such a fantastic baker! I don't think I could resist that Kate Spade bag if it had 60% off either!

    Jodie //

    1. Thanks hun! I know I would definitely have regretted it otherwise! xo

    2. *Regretted not getting it I mean! haha

  5. The unicorn cake looks incredible! You are so talented. x

    Jordan Alice

  6. That unicorn cake is amazing! I love your Kate Spade bag too x


  7. Each time I see your unicorn cake I just have to stop and stare in awe, you're an incredible cake decorator xx

    1. Aw really thanks haha! It definitely my fave I've made! Although the princess castle cake is pretty up there.. xo

  8. Can't believe the unicorn cake what a talent! It's so beautiful!

    Hannah | Granite City Girl x

  9. I looove your pink girly posts on Insta! Seeing that unicorn cake was literally the coolest thing ever - it's incredible, you're literally so talented!! Also, your hair does look soo lovely straight (as well as wavy/curly obviously) :) xo

    Char |

    1. Thank you so much sweet! Always so kind :-) xo

  10. So amazing!!

    Rachael xox

  11. your kate spade back is just so stunning. it looks beautiful.

  12. that unicorn cake! slay! love it! gorgeous pictures