Monday, 30 January 2017

Cutest ASOS Haul You Ever Did See

Love, Catherine | Cute ASOS Haul

Love, Catherine | Cute ASOS Haul

You may have seen my recent  Cute ASOS Finds post, where I came across so many adorable, miscellaneous items, and do you know what I did straight after I'd written it? Hit up ASOS and bought practically the whole blog post, I am my own worst enemy!

Miss Etoile Lash Trinket Dish
Miss Etoile |  Lash Trinket Dish

I got so excited when I spotted that ASOS now stock Miss Etoile, one of my favourite brands for cute mugs, homeware and baking accessories. How adorable is this little trinket dish with the lash design! C'mon I had to. It will be perfect to keep on your vanity or bedside table to pop your jewellery onto. 

ASOS | Valentines Sheer Heart Socks

I actually featured these little guys in my  January Wardrobe Wishlist, and I since caved and bought them. They're so pretty and delicate, and would look amazing with a pair of fluffy heeled sandals!

Miss Etoile | Lash Mug
Miss Etoile |  Eyes Bone China Mug

Someone help me, I've turned into a mug horder!! I love the design of this one from Miss Etoile though and couldn't resist. It has a closed eye on one side and an open eye on the other!

Ban.Do | Paper Washi Tape
Ban.Do |  Paper Washi Tape

This little trio of cute washi tapes had been sitting in my ASOS saved items for too long, but they kept going in and out of stock. So when they reappeared, I nabbed them before they disappeared on me again. The floral design matches my planner that I also have, and love, from Ban.Do.

#OOTD Fashion Flat Lay Colouring Book
Laura Hickman |  #OOTD Colouring Book

I first came across this beautiful colouring book inspired by fashion flat lays, back in December and it went straight onto the Christmas Gift Guides. So when I found it on ASOS it was an instant purchase (damn you ASOS for making shopping so easy!!).

Which item is your favourite?


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Thursday, 26 January 2017

A Few Lush Valentines Treats

You know when old favourites come back and new items drop in Lush, that a purchase is definitely on the cards. There's something about the seasonal products that get me so excited, especially during Winter time when hot bubble baths are a must!

Unicorn Horn | Bubble Bar
I know it's not even February yet, but the release of the Unicorn Horn always makes me hopeful for Spring, it's rainbow design is so vibrant and pretty. The lavender and ylang ylang oil give it a lovely fresh, floral yet calming scent.

Cupid | Bath Bomb
Designed as the cutest little pink heart and arrow, you know I had to! It contains violet leaf, bergamot and rose, which makes it smell sweet and floral but with a subtle fruity kick to it from the inclusion of fresh raspberry juice and lime oil. It turns your bath water pink and frothy, doesn't it just sound amazing!

Love Spell | Massage Bar
I won't lie and say that the baby pink design with the little raised hearts didn't win me over, cos they totally did. It's adorable. The bar is made from cocoa butter and shea butter, along with various other oils, which slowly melt as you glide it across the skin, leaving you feeling silky soft! I'm so lazy when it comes to body moisturiser and I thought this one might make the process a little quicker and easier.


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Monday, 23 January 2017

Cute Things I Found On ASOS

Love, Catherine | Cute ASOS Finds

Honestly, browsing the  ASOS Gifts section is like pure gold, and I recently came across so many damn near adorable things that I felt the need to create a blog post. I know everyone raves about ASOS for their clothing (I'm so with you), but I don't think their miscellaneous items get the love they deserve! The fact that they now stock Miss Etoile got me far too excited as it's quite a difficult brand to get hold of, and I'm so pleased to see they also have the gorgeous  #OOTD Colouring Book that I featured in one of my  Christmas Gift Guides! BRB off to spend my monies (that  Lash Tinket Dish is mine!)...

Love, Catherine | Cute ASOS Finds

Aimee Song |  Capture Your Style, Book
Miss Etoile |  Eyes Bone China Mug

Love, Catherine | Cute ASOS Finds

Moomins |  A5 Notebook
Miss Etoile |  Eiffel Tea Towels 

Love, Catherine | Cute ASOS Finds

Happy Plugs |  Pink Gold Earphones
Paperchase |  Fluffy Llama Pen
Tatty Devine |  Soda Pop Water Bottle & Bag

Love, Catherine | Cute ASOS Finds

Temerity Jones |  Perfume Atomiser Bottle
Miss Etoile |  Trinket Dish
Moomins |  Compact Mirror

Love, Catherine | Cute ASOS Finds

Ban.Do |  Paper Tape
Sass & Belle |  Flamingo Jewellery Holder

Love, Catherine | Cute ASOS Finds

Laura Hickman |  #OOTD Colouring Book
Miss Etoile |  Ceramic Travel Cup

Which item caught your eye the most?


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Friday, 20 January 2017

Charlotte Tilbury | Quick 'N' Easy Makeup Kit

Charlotte Tilbury | Quick 'N' Easy Makeup Kit

Charlotte Tilbury | Quick 'N' Easy Makeup Kit

Charlotte Tilbury | Colour Chameleon, Amber Haze

Charlotte Tilbury | Legendary Lashes Mascara

Charlotte Tilbury | Very Victoria Matte Revolution Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury | Quick 'N' Easy Makeup Kit Swatches

Another genius release from the goddess Charlotte Tilbury, the woman just totally gets it doesn't she? The new range of Quick 'N Easy makeup kits are designed to give an effortless, glowing supermodel look for those that simply like to just grab and go. I mean, who doesn't want that starlet effect in just five minutes flat?

Each kit contains a selection of best selling products to cover all of the key bases: complexion, eyes and lips. The kit I have here is the Natural Glowing Look*, centered around obtaining that radiant, fresh faced beauty.

The kit contains:

I've fallen for the Wonderglow primer, much to the dismay of my purse because I will definitely repurchase the full size when this one runs out. It's a dream product for creating a gorgeous, soft focus, luminous base and makes the rest of my makeup go on b-e-a-u-tifully. 

I will say that the Beach Stick took me by surprise. I'm not a massive lover of cream blush, so I was unsure if I would like this one, but I was proven so wrong. It's completely non-greasy, long-lasting and looks so skin-like and natural on the cheeks. I've found I've gotten the best results with this one when applying it with my finger, as opposed to popping it on directly from the tube!

The Very Victoria lipstick is a lovely taupe, nude brown with a slight rosey undertone. It's a perfect on trend kind of shade and has a gorgeous, cashmere finish. I've not yet fully tried the Colour Chameleon or the Legendary Lashes mascara, but I will say that the Amber Haze swatch did not want to budge when I attempted to remove it, so it's promising!

I think the whole kit is an absolute steal at £55 for Charlotte Tilbury products. If you were to purchase the Colour Chameleon, Moon Beach and Lipstick on their own it would set you back almost £70, so not only are you saving yourself money, but also bagging a mini mascara, primer and cute makeup bag on top! If you've been heart-eyed over Charlotte's makeup range for a while, this is definitely the place to start.

Other kits in the range worth checking out: 

What do you think?


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*PR Sample

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Making Small Changes For A Happy 2017

Love, Catherine | Making Small Changes For A Happy 2017

Love, Catherine | Making Small Changes For A Happy 2017
Image Source:

I've realised that quite often it's the little changes and small things in life that build together to collectively make someone a happier person. Doing things for yourself is totally okay, especially when said things can help to give you a brighter, more positive outlook on life, which for me is so important. I'm not about to roll into 2017 with unattainable goals like wishing for a Victoria's Secret model bod, 'cos girl that ain't ever happening. But instead these are my mini goals for right now, the ones I know I can do if I put my mind to it, and the little things I'd like to do more of to make me a 'lil happy bear once I do them.

Blog More
I really enjoyed publishing new content on my blog every other day during December, more so than I thought I would. I had so much amazing feedback (you guys are the loveliest) and my pageviews rocketed, yay! So it's inspired me to keep it up and even write the posts that people always ask about: my hair & my Instagram. Even with over 30,000 followers on my Instagram, I somehow still feel like I'm not in a position to be dolling out tips about it. I know it's pretty baffling, so I need a little nudge to just write about it!

Fresh Flowers
I've got this stigma in my head that it's weird to buy yourself flowers (a little like the fear of dining alone or going to the cinema on your own) but it's one of the things I never do that I wish I did! I used to tell myself I wasn't bothered about flowers but whenever I have received them, I've secretly loved them, and they add such a pretty, delicate vibe to a room. A small bouquet of roses can often cost as little as £4 so I'm definitely going to pick up a bunch every now and then.

Rotate My Makeup
I am awful at frivolously spending my money on things I probably could do without. Makeup being the main culprit. So I'm going to try really hard this year to use up the beauty products I already own and love, before I run off into Space NK chucking my notes at all the pretty things. One product I especially want to fall back in love with are the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes, I own the beautiful little palette and a solo shade in Dim Infusion, which I adored before new products sent them to the back of my collection.

I think the key to making things easy for yourself, is organisation. I'm a serial putter-offer (definitely a word..), and I'm almost always late for everything (blame it on the winged liner she says). But then ticking things off of my to-do list makes me far too happy than I care to admit, so I need to find a balance. I own a gorgeous floral agenda from Ban.Do and so far I've become a bit of a planner freak keeping it up to date, and making it pretty with cute stickers. I also love the Rifle Paper products, and have my eye on their pretty desktop notepads, these two here and here in particular.

2016 was probably my 'started from the bottom now we here' kinda year for my cakes and cupcakes, (a piping bag and nozzle will work wonders) and I've miraculously started up my own little business for them. So this year alongside improving my cake skillzz (hello wedding cakes), I'd love to try my hand at baking numerous other sweet treats! I was gifted a few new cookery books for Christmas, including one from the Hummingbird Bakery, so I'm excited to give it a whirl. I find baking to be so relaxing and y'know, eating the end product is alright too I guess...

Do you have any mini goals for 2017?


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Monday, 16 January 2017

A January Wardrobe Refresh

January Wardrobe Refresh Wishlist

Oh January, you suck. But lusting after pretty clothes certainly helps right? The amount of times I've been spying on basically every sites New In section, makes me think I definitely should've penned it down as a new years resolution, because I've been excelling at it. I'll let myself off though as my current wardrobe is looking a bit of a sorry state compared to the size of my ridiculous makeup collection. I've found plenty of gorgeous items that my wardrobe would 100% welcome with open arms, yet make my purse very worried (...if they'd like to just magically appear, I'd be down with that too y'know, just saying).

January Wardrobe Refresh Wishlist

ASOS |  Pink Skater Mac

January Wardrobe Refresh Wishlist

Urban Outfitters |  Scallop Edge Corduroy A-Line Skirt 
Miss Selfridge |  Lattice Sleeve Jumper
Urban Outfitters |  Pins & Needles Velvet Slip Dress

January Wardrobe Refresh Wishlist

Topshop |  Ruffle Trim Jumper

January Wardrobe Refresh Wishlist

January Wardrobe Refresh Wishlist

Miss Selfridge |  Blue Denim Mini Skirt

January Wardrobe Refresh Wishlist

Which one made you most heart-eyed?


Friday, 13 January 2017

The Obsession With Rose Gold Continues...

Daniel Wellington | Classy Sheffield Watch & Rose Gold Cuff

Daniel Wellington | Classy Sheffield Watch & Rose Gold Cuff

Daniel Wellington | Classy Sheffield Watch & Rose Gold Cuff

You're probably very aware of the super chic and classy  Daniel Wellington brand by now, as their collection of timeless watches are loved in the blogging world. And for good reason. I already own their beautiful  Classic Sheffield watch (review  here) and when I heard they'd expanded their range to include little Cuffs, I jumped at the opportunity to own one!

The first piece I have here is the gorgeous  Classy Sheffield* watch with a 26mm rose gold case, and is studded with dainty little Swarovski crystals around the white clock face. I think the smaller dial is so elegant and classy, and the crystals add a lovely feminine vibe to the watch.
Their  Rose Gold Cuff*, with the logo delicately engraved into it, is a beautiful addition to their range and looks gorgeous on it's own or paired with one of their watches. The fit is quite snug (this is the small) but it does say you can gently stretch it to adjust the sizing. It's quite a minimalist piece but is timeless and classic, isn't it just so pretty?! 

What I love about the Daniel Wellington pieces, is that you really can dress them up or down, wear them girly or smart, as they're just so wearable. You can also save yourself some pretty pennies if you enter the code LOVECATHERINE at the checkout, which will give you a major 15% off until 31/01/17. Happy shopping!

What do you think?


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*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% my own.

Friday, 6 January 2017

New In | Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette

Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Look In A Palette in Seductive Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Look In A Palette in Seductive Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury | Instant Look In A Palette in Seductive Beauty, Swatches

Remember when makeup goddess  Charlotte Tilbury, released the sell-out, all-in-one beauty compact; Instant Look In A Palette, and it shook the beauty world? Yep, well she's only gone and expanded the range in the form of two brand new, beautiful, limited edition palettes in  Natural Beauty and  Seductive Beauty. Get excited, 'cos lord knows I am!

I love it when makeup creators actually think of their consumers, because every girl knows that having all of your eyeshadow, bronzer, blush and highlight tucked inside one handy palette is like complete god send in the makeup world. Especially when each shade is utterly gorgeous.

The palette I have here is  Seductive Beauty*, which contains 7 different shades for a sultry and seductive, glowy look. It's perfect for so many reasons, especially as it's so useful for travel! Hurried mornings can also be a thing of the past (well..almost), you only have to grab one palette instead of rooting about for tons of little compacts and eyeshadow pans in the bottom of your makeup bag. It's also great for the girl that doesn't really have a clue where to start when it comes to beauty, as each shade is imprinted with cute little instructions to make it all super easy.

The compact contains three eyeshadows, a pale champagne rose for brightening, a soft bronze to enhance and a chocolatey brown to smoke out the look. There are also two beautiful blushes, one a light peach to swish across your cheeks and the other a natural pink to pop onto the apples. The formula reminds me of the Hourglass blushes, which just melt into the skin, looking totally seamless and gorgeous. I thought I might have trouble getting even coverage on my brush as the blush pans are quite small, but as they are so pigmented you only need a little sweep of the product anyway.

I did also initially think that the face bronze may be a little too warm toned for my skin, but once I swept it across my cheekbones I was proven wrong, it's gives a gorgeous bronzed, sunkissed look. My only gripe with the palette is that the highlight shade is perhaps a little more understated than I'd like, as I'm used to the likes of Becca and ABH, although it does give a lovely natural glow. 

This palette is a total dream, each and every shade is so velvety soft, blends beautifully and is as pigmented as you'd need it to be. I felt like a fresh faced, glowy princess using it, but I wouldn't expect any less from Charlotte Tilbury. You can find it exclusively online  here, I can see another sell-out on the cards...

What do you think?


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*PR Sample

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Products That Won Me Over In 2016

Love, Catherine | Favourite Products of 2016

You know when you find products that you just fall for, and they never make it to your fancy storage because you need them permanently in your everyday makeup bag? Yep, that's what happened to these guys throughout 2016, because I just flippin' love them.

Estee Lauder | Double Wear
When will I learn that no matter how many other foundations I try, none of them will compare to Double Wear. You've likely heard it all by now, but it gives a full coverage, flawless finish and is the most long lasting foundation I've ever tried.

Sara Happ | Peony Lip Scrub
I won't lie, I was totally surprised by this one as I'd initially just bought it 'cos I thought the packaging was too cute (pretty packaging will be my downfall). But it's the nicest lip scrub to ever grace my lips. It has more of a paste consistency rather than a crumbly one, which I find much easier to use. It buffs and polishes my lips but leaves behind a balm for that added moisture! Mine has sadly ran out now but I'll definitely be buying another (if I can find it, Beauty Bay has stopped shipping them to the UK...)

Love, Catherine | Favourite Products of 2016

MAC | Snob Lipstick
I strayed slightly from my usual nude pink lipsticks and fell for MAC Snob, a pretty blush pink with a satin finish. I think we can all tell how much I loved this little one judging by what's left of it (and by the amount I've blabbed on about it..)

Too Faced | Hangover Primer
This one is the nicest base for when your skin is feeling a bit lacklustre. It's smooth and cooling to apply, my foundation sits beautifully over the top and it gives me lovely radiant, hydrated skin.

Percy & Reed | Wonder Balm
The hair product that really is a wonder balm. I pop it into towel dried hair and it preps it for any styling that commences. My curls stay fuller, bouncier and last longer when I use this! I also use it on the days after my hair wash, after I've styled it with my curling wand and it just enhances and defines my curls, and makes them look softer and shiner. I wouldn't be without this now.

YSL | Rose Romantique Nail Polish
This pretty polish was a sweet little Christmas gift from my sister last year, and I've worn it to death! It's a lovely, natural manicure pink shade and looks so classic and elegant. Plus that packaging is just dreamy.

Favourite Products of 2016 | Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder

Charlotte Tilbury | Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder
This Charlotte Tilbury powder honestly works miracles, it has a really buttery soft, finely milled texture and just makes your skin look flawless. I find it sets my makeup really well and keeps my shine at bay like no other. The best part though? How natural, non-cakey and undetectable it looks on the skin. You need this.

Too Faced | Chocolate Bon Bons
The eyeshadow palette I always come back to as the quality is amazing and it has such beautiful colours. My top three shades are Divinity; a soft creamy matte white, Almond Truffle; a matte mauvey beige with a pink undertone, and Satin Sheets; a gorgeous golden champagne pink. (Full review here)

Love, Catherine | Favourite Products of 2016, Benefit Ready Set Brow

Benefit | Ready Set Brow
The only brow gel I'll ever use. My brows never look out of place when I use it, they just don't budge, and the little comb is the best for getting your brows super neat and perfected. I used to love the clear brow gel by ABH, and the actual product is quite similar but the comb on the Benefit wand wins by a mile.

Honorable Mentions:
Laura Geller, Charming Pink Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator
LancomeGrandoise Eyeliner
Pixi, Makeup Fixing Mist
Becca, Moonstone Shimmering Skin Perfector

Which products did you love throughout 2016?


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Monday, 2 January 2017

December 2016 | Photo Diary

Love, Catherine | December Photo Diary

Love, Catherine | Cosy Pastel Pom Pom Socks
Cosy Pom Pom Socks

You can't see through the Winter without a new pair of cosy socks, and I found this adorable cream pair on  Asos. Aren't those pastel pom poms just the cutest! They have the softest fluffy lining too which I wasn't expecting!

Love, Catherine | Cute Pastel Christmas Cupcakes
Christmas Cupcakes

Of course I had to make some Christmas themed cupcakes and I went for a cutesy pastel theme, but honestly, did you expect any less? The little pink snowman and the Christmas pudding are definitely my favourites!

Love, Catherine | Pretty Primark Finds
Pretty Primark Finds

I swear with Primark you either go in and find absolutely zilch, zero, nothing, nada and you wonder why you bothered, and other times you pop in and come across aall the cute bargains and it restores your faith in the Primarni mothership. I spotted this gorgeous pink, memory foam (!) bathmat with 'beautiful' written across it and I had to get it. At the moment I'm using it as little rug in my bedroom, but I can imagine it looking so dreamy in a pamper room next to a white roll top bath! I also picked up a gorgeous fluffy pink pom pom blanket, which is so cute and ridiculously soft for Primark, which was part of Gabriella/VelvetGh0st's Primark range!

Love, Catherine | Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder
Chanel Les Beiges

I splurged on the Chanel  Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder after getting a few recommendations for it. It's a lovely finely milled powder which sets makeup, add a little coverage but doesn't look cakey or powdery. It gives a gorgeous, natural, demi-matte finish which lets your skin breathe. I've found on my more oily skintype it does leave me a little shinier after a couple of hours than I'd hoped, but for days when I want something not too intense, it's perfect. I think this would be a dream for those with normal to dry skin! Plus it smells beautiful too.

Love, Catherine | Oliver Bonas Kitty Ring Holder
Kitty Ring Holder & Take Note Notepad

Oliver Bonas is a killer for making me want all the pretty homeware! I found this adorable Kitty Ring Holder and thought it was so sweet. They also have the same pretty design as  Salt & Pepper Shakers, and a gorgeous  Trinket Dish! I also came across this beautiful pink and gold notepad from WHSmith with 'Take Note' written on the top in gold foil. They had a whole range of pastel pink Kate Spade-esque stationery!

Love, Catherine | Bubblegum Scented Lash Print Candle
Bubblegum Lash Candle

I found this Sleepy Candle from Monki whilst I was browsing  Asos on Black Friday and had to nab it. The little ditsy lash print just sold me and it's also got a sweet, bubblegum scent. Plus it would be beautiful to keep as storage after I've burnt the candle! I can't find it in stock anymore, but I did find these adorable  cup and saucers in the same print, which would be so cute for storing makeup brushes and beauty bits in!

Love, Catherine | Pink Makeup
Makeup Mess

I feel like my photo diaries aren't quite complete if you don't see some kind of pink makeup mess! I had a little makeup organisation day but obviously I had to snap a few photos in the process, right?! The  Guerlain Meteorites Perfecting Pearls Base is such a dreamy, lovely primer!

Love, Catherine | Laduree Macaron Keychain
Laduree Keychain

I swear this month has been mostly about me buying new things, eek sorry!! But my boyfriend treated me to this cute Macaron Keycharm from Laduree whilst we were in London and I just love it! I've wanted one forever! Although I'm undecided if I should use it as a key ring or a bag charm...

Hope you had a lovely December!


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