Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Olivia Burton Treats

Olivia Burton Lace Detail Watch | Love, Catherine

Olivia Burton Vintage Bow Silver & Rose Gold Bracelet | Love, Catherine

I'm sure you'll be well aware by now of my love for the prettiest jewellery brand, Olivia Burton. I adore their gorgeous patterned watches and dainty jewellery line of which I seem to be accumulating a little collection of, but who can blame me?

Monday, 31 July 2017

June & July Photo Diary

Pretty Bedside Details | Love, Catherine

For the first time in a year & a half I missed a monthly photo diary, eek! So to compensate for being a bad blogger I've popped June & July together! Me and my partner moved into our own little house so not only have I been extra busy, but the homeware freak inside me has been in her absolute element adding pieces to make it special.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Crushing On ... Powder Blue & Blush Pink

A Cinderella Wishlist | Crushing On Powder Blue & Blush Pink

Ooh la la, dreamy Cinderella vibes! The powder blue tones and beautiful blush pinks in this wish list look so girly and pretty together *heart eyes*.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Dreamy Summer Favourites

Dreamy Summer Favourites | Love, Catherine

As soon as I spotted the white version of this adorable little wicker bag, I instantly needed it, yet I refrained from purchasing. So then what happened? You guessed it, it sold out and I had a major case of non-buyers remorse (totally a thing).

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Pandora Poetic Blooms

Pandora Poetic Blooms | Love, Catherine

I'll admit I'm not usually a Pandora fanatic, but the release of their Poetic Blooms range for Spring had me totally and utterly swayed. Like, steal my heart and take my money kinda swayed. I had some birthday money to spend so I decided to treat myself to a bracelet and two charms, and I'm so smitten that I decided to dedicate a blog post to them.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Summer Wardrobe Wishlist

Summer Wardrobe Wishlist | Love, Catherine

You know when you get the urge to spend your wages before you've even earnt them? Yep that's the effect of making this wishlist...I don't help myself do I?!  I am loving how much lace. ruffles, and pretty clothes there are about for this Summer! I'm dying to get my hands on a cute little wicker bag (you can blame both  Kate La Vie &  Julia Engel for influencing me), they look so summery and make me want to go on all the sunny picnics.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

May 2017 | Photo Diary

May has always been a favourite month of mine, not only are there two bank holidays, but both myself and my boyfriend celebrate our birthdays in May and, if we're lucky, the sun sometimes decides to be a babe and put his hat on for us.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Ted Baker | Blush Pink Porcelain Rose Collection

Ted Baker | Blush Pink Porcelain Rose Collection

This post comes at you today in collaboration with Ted Baker and their gorgeous new  Porcelain Rose bath and body collection*, a beautiful, and feminine range which harks back to the glamour and luxury of yesteryear. Think dreamy bubble baths, silk robes, feather slippers, pearls and roses and you'll see the vision for this elegant collection. It's certainly a range to treasure, that will add a touch of luxury to any bathroom or dressing room. 

Monday, 8 May 2017

April 2017 | Photo Diary

April Photo Diary | Love, Catherine

I do find that sometimes my motivation for blogging hits in waves and other times life simply gets in the way, which is why this photo diary is a little late sorry dolls! I do hope you'll appreciate it anyway as I love this months selection of pictures!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Spring Wishlist | Pretty Pastels

Spring Wishlist, Pretty Pastels | Love, Catherine

I seem to be making these wishlist posts a monthly occurrence because as always, there's so many cute things that steal my heart!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Too Faced Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette | Review & Swatches

Too Faced Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette | Love, Catherine

Too Faced recently killed off the eyeshadow game for every other brand with their gorgeous new Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette, aka. the mother of all neutral palettes. The floral packaging with the little bunnies and birds is so romantic and beautiful, and the names of the shades are so flippin' cute I just can't deal. Bunny Nose, Kittens, Pink Cheeks, Fairy Tale, umm sorry but you can't tell me that isn't all kinds of adorable. 'Cos it is.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Jurlique Rose Petal Limited Edition 2017

Jurlique Rose Petal Limited Edition 2017

I always get so excited when brands release beautiful limited edition versions of their most popular products, especially when it's from Jurlique which is one of my favourite skincare brands! They state that they care deeply about the purity of their skincare which is why they grow and extract many of their natural ingredients directly from their farm in Australia. I really feel like the brand truly care about their products and have a passion for the way in which they carefully produce them.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Pretty Spring Purchases

Pretty Spring Purchases | Love, Catherine

Too Faced Natural Love Palette | Love, Catherine

Too Faced Natural Love Palette | Love, Catherine

Becca Prismatic Amethyst Shimmering Skin Perfector | Love, Catherine

Pretty Spring Purchases | Love, Catherine

ASOS Bunny Flats | Love, Catherine

If you think you have your spending under control, pop all of your recent purchases into a blog post and you'll see that you're very much mistaken. Oops. But cute things just have to be blogged about...don't they?

ASOS |  Bunny Flats
I spotted these adorable shoes whilst browsing ASOS and instantly needed them. They have the cutest little bunny design with a heart shaped nose and glittery pink ears, and they have the prettiest iridescence in different lights. They even have little white pom pom tails on the back of the shoe! My boyfriend thinks they're hideous but what does he know *sassy emoji*.

TOO FACED |  Natural Love Palette
The neutral palette of dreams! As soon as I heard about this limited edition release from Too Faced I was all over it, and I ordered it straight from the Too Faced site they day it came out as I was far too impatient to wait for the UK release. Luckily they were offering free shipping at the time and I wasn't charged for customs, phew. The palette itself is just stunning and I will definitely swatch it in a blog post soon!

As I'd previously mentioned in my  March Photo Diary, I splurged on the new limited edition highlighter from Becca. I'm already a massive fan of the Shimmering Skin Perfectors, the quality is so intense and velvety, so I knew I'd love this newbie. It's a gorgeous pearly pale lavender with a really unique iridescent sheen. It's like a barbie/mermaid hybrid and is so pretty. Plus that packaging though...my heart can't cope.

Whilst not being particularly Spring themed, I did pick up a Twilight bath bomb which is one of my favourites from Lush. I love the cute lilac pink design with the moon and stars, and it has a relaxing scent of sweet lavender with a creamy almost caramel scented undertone. It releases frothy swirls of soft pink and baby blue and is so pretty!

One of those 'the packaging made me buy it' purchases. Can you blame me though when it's baby pink with ribbons AND roses. It's a dusting powder that you can use with the puff after a bath or shower which leaves your skin feeling silky soft and delicately fragranced. It has a very fresh, floral scent which smells so lovely and I think women of all different ages will love it. It will make for such a pretty dressing table addition.

Which of my Spring purchases is your favourite?


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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

March 2017 | Photo Diary

March 2017 Photo Diary | Love, Catherine

I'm so excited that it's finally Spring, which I've come to the conclusion is my favourite season. I just love that the cold harsh weather gradually fades, we finally get lighter days and evenings (a bloggers dream), the trees and flowers begin to bloom, the Easter baking is definitely the cutest (& yummiest) and we can look forward to more sunny days, ice creams and picnics in Summer! Which season is your favourite? Anyway... here's some of my favourite photos from March!

MAC Mariah Carey | Love, Catherine
Getting A New Camera

So after taking all of my photos directly from my faithful iPhone for years, I finally have a fancy DSLR camera and I'm so excited! I'm still getting to grips with using it so for now you may only see the pretty pictures it takes occasionally (like in this post). I'm also thinking of attempting a YouTube channel at some point as I do often get asked if I have one, and it's something I'd love to try, although don't hold out on my editing skills being anything incredible! Is that something you'd like to see?

Hello Kitty OPI | Love, Catherine
Pale Pink & Rose Gold Glitter Mani

I wanted to take advantage of the fact that my nails had grown to a nice length and I decided I don't use my pretty Hello Kitty OPI nail polish enough. So created a soft pink mani with a rose gold glitter from Barry M named Duchess. Isn't the Hello Kitty bottle so cute?! This shade is called Let's Be Friends. Oh and my nails chipped and broke basically straight after taking this picture, *woe is me*.

Bambi Dreams And Wishes Mug | Love, Catherine
Dream And Wishes Bambi Hot Chocolate

How lovely is this Bambi mug with the Dreams and Wishes design? It's from the Disney Magical Moments range which you may still be able to find on eBay. I maay have also purchased the Princess mug with Marie on it from Aristocats (makeup and cute mugs will be the death of me.) I made an Easter themed hot chocolate with these sweet little bunny and chick marshmallows. At what point in the year does it become weird to still be drinking hot chocolate?...

Becca Prismatic Amethyst Shimmering Skin Perfector | Love, Catherine
Becca Prismatic Amethyst Highlight

I was totally influenced by my lovely friend Freya for this purchase! It's a limited edition Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector called Prismatic Amethyst which is the prettiest pale lavender with an iridescent glow, although it isn't really coming across in this photo. It's honestly so gorgeous and much more wearable than you'd think.

Dunelm Toulouse Chest Of Drawers | Love, Catherine
Pretty New Furniture

I have a love for pretty white furniture and the only thing clashing in my bedroom was my chest of drawers which I finally decided to give an upgrade. I chose this pretty Toulouse set from Dunelm which looks so girly and lovely don't you think?

Beauty And The Beast Cupcakes | Love, Catherine
Beauty And The Beast Cupcakes

I went to watch the new Beauty And The Beast film on Mother's Day and I loved it. I thought the whole set design and costumes were amazing and I loved the whole Marie Antoinette Parisian vibes, so pretty! I felt inspired to make some cupcakes to match the film and I'm so pleased with how they turned out as I'd not made anything for a while. Which design is your favourite? I think I love the book the most!

Hair Half Up | Love, Catherine

I've actually had my hair done since this photo, I'd left it for a whole six months so my roots were looking a bit disastrous and wearing it half up seemed to sort of disguise it a little. I decided to have balayage and get my roots blended in a little, so it doesn't look too different now, but much better!

Hope you had a lovely March!


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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Springtime Luxury Beauty Haul

Springtime Beauty Haul | Love, Catherine

Springtime Beauty Haul | Love, Catherine

Springtime Beauty Haul | Love, Catherine

Springtime Beauty Haul | Love, Catherine

Springtime Beauty Haul | Love, Catherine

Today's post comes in collaboration with Fragrance Direct, a site I've used many times myself especially during my Uni years (hello discounted Essie polishes!). I was shocked to see how many amazing, luxury brands they now stock since my last purchase, most at a reduced price too, I know where I'll be buying my fave Bobbi Brown Lip Liner from now on...So even though I could've easily made a wishlist as long as my arm, these are the lovely items that caught my eye!

These adorable little Guerlain eyeshadow quads have been on my wishlist for quite some time and I'm so excited to finally own one. The gold compact with the brand name scripted into it looks so elegant and beautiful and you know it's fancy when it comes with it's own little velvet pouch. Les Cuirs includes four neutral beige browns which are perfect everyday shades. I can already tell I'll be getting lots of use out of this one.

BOBBI BROWN Bikini Pink Lipstick
You all know my love for Bobbi Brown's Ballet Pink lip pencil, I mean it's basically the only lip liner I ever use and I've been through so many, so it's surprising that I've never taken a venture into their lipstick range. Of course I chose a pink shade aptly titled Bikini Pink which is a pretty summery pink and is like a lighter, creamier version of MAC Please Me.

CHLOE Love Story Eau Sensuelle
My all time favourite fragrance is the original perfume by Chloe which is so delicate and feminine so although I'd never tried the Eau Sensuelle version of their Love Story perfume, I knew I would like it. Which thankfully I do, it's lovely. It's fresh and floral but with a powdery vanilla and sandalwood undertone which gives it more of a grown up romantic Chloe scent. The Parisian style bottle is so pretty and dainty and is inspired by the love padlocks on the Pont des Arts bridge. So cute.

BOBBI BROWN Makeup Remover
As my beloved Garnier Micellar Water was running low, I thought it was about time I gave something else a try and I'd heard so many good things about this one from Bobbi Brown. It's supposed to break down and remove even the most long-wearing waterproof makeup instantly, whilst being extra gentle on your skin.

CLARINS Multi Active Day Lotion
The last item I thought would be perfect for me is this beautiful moisturiser from Clarins. It has a lovely lightweight formula which hydrates and rebalances for youthful radiant looking skin. It's just the right type of product I usually love with moisturisers and the blush pink and gold bottle is beautiful. Plus I adore the scent of Clarins products they smell so classy and fresh.

Have you tried any of these?


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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Spring ASOS Picks

I swear making these 'wishlist' posts actually make me far more spendy that I ought to be, I just find so many cute things! I'm especially glad to see the arrival of lots of light coloured, ruffled, lace detailed items that would go perfectly as new additions to Spring clean your wardrobe. To tell you a little secret (a very obvious one at that), I'm currently waiting on a little ASOS delivery as I type...oops! Making this wishlist definitely got the better of me, I meaaan those little bunny ballet flats with pom poms tails?! So cute.

3. SKINNYDIP  Cat Pom Pom Bag Charm

8. DAISY DIXON  Pink Pheobe Leather Watch

15. ASOS PREMIUM  Lilac Lace Skater Dress

16. ANUSCHKA REES  The Curated Closet
18. TRUE DECADENCE  Lace All Over Ruffle Blouse

Did anything catch your eye?


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Monday, 13 March 2017

5 Princess Products Every Girly Girl Needs

5 Princess Products Every Girly Girl Needs | Kate Spade, Olivia Burton, Essie & Laura Mercier

5 Princess Products Every Girly Girl Needs | Kate Spade, Olivia Burton, Essie & Laura Mercier

You'll only need to take a little glimpse at my content (or my  Instagram) to see that I am a huge lover of all things pink and girly. What? Really? No way! You'd never have guessed right?... I mean, you're probably well aware by now, so I thought I'd pop together a little post featuring some of my favourite princessy items that every girly girl needs in her life!

I received this beautiful Olivia Burton necklace as a Christmas gift (which you'll already know if you've read  this post) and oh my I absolutely adore it. The scalloped silver coin with the logo branding etched delicately into it, matches perfectly with the little rose gold bow. It's got such a dainty and girly design which really looks so beautiful when worn. It has an adjustable ball chain adjuster which is so handy because you can literally adjust it to whatever length you'd like. Of course I love their original watches too, the pretty pink and gold  Wonderland watch I've featured here has had a lot of love too!

Kate Spade |  All In Good Taste
The girly girls bible! This beautiful Kate Spade book is the perfect guide to being a hostess, with how-to's, recipes and a little sprinkling of style. It's one of those books that would look gorgeous as a coffee table centrepiece, as not only does it look pretty on display as decor, but it's also great if any guests fancy a little flick through.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm so lazy when it comes to applying body lotion after showering, that I very rarely do it (eek I know, get your act together Catherine!) However, sometimes I'll have one of those bubble bath-face mask-full skincare routine-manicure kinda nights, and this Laura Mercier Body Souffle always makes an appearance as it's the ultimate indulgent pamper product. It sinks quickly into the skin. leaves you feeling silky soft and the warm caramel, vanilla scent is utterly delicious that you'll almost want to eat it instead of slathering it over your body. Divine.

Essie |  Mademoiselle
This little one from Essie is one of my all time favourite nail polishes. It's such a delicate, pretty pink manicure shade, which is perfect for those that prefer something a little more natural. It's such an easy shade to wear, it matches everything and adds such a perfect, polished look. It's really similar to  YSL Rose Romantique polish (another one of my faves), but is a fraction of the price.

My last ultimate girly item is of course this beautiful candle from Kate Spade. Not only is the blush pink and white striped packaging so pretty and feminine, but the actual candle itself has a lovely floral fragrance of Lily, which is light but fresh and relaxing. It's gorgeous and would make for the perfect addition to a girly boudoir. Plus you can reuse the jar for makeup brushes afterwards! I did have a hard time choosing between this one and  Diptyque Roses, which comes a close second, but in terms of packaging Kate Spade wins (I mean, it's pink right?!).

What are your favourite girly princess products?


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Friday, 10 March 2017

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | Is It Worth The Hype?

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | Is It Worth The Hype?

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | Is It Worth The Hype?

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | Is It Worth The Hype?

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | Is It Worth The Hype?

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Swatches | Is It Worth The Hype?

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Swatches | Is It Worth The Hype?

Oh the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette*, an eyeshadow collection you've likely heard a ton of talk about since it's release a few years ago. You'll know I'm a massive fan of Too Faced products, and their Chocolate Bon-Bons palette holds a special place in my heart (or makeup collection shall I say - full review here). I'm a little late to the party with their original chocolatey themed offering, but I thought I'd see if it's really worth the hype it gets.

The palette contains sixteen chocolate scented eyeshadows which are all housed inside a milky brown 'chocolate bar' style packaging, even the back has very 'Wonka Golden Ticket' theme. Cute to say the least. All of the colours are candy inspired with a great selection of neutral shades, which are perfect for creating soft to smokey everyday looks. As much as I adore aall the shimmers and glitters, there's nothing worse than a palette with little to no matte shades, and this one certainly has a perfect mix of mattes and shimmers, so you can really create some lovely, versatile makeup looks with it. 

Obviously I instantly gravitate towards Champagne Truffle, a beautiful pearly champagne pink with a slight golden undertone to it. It's definitely a me shade and looks stunning when applied to the lid with MAC Fix+Salted Caramel is the most gorgeous warm, orangey brown shade, which is so perfect in the crease or as a transition shade and is actually a really complimentary colour. Marzipan is a beautiful frosted, pale peachy gold and is a dream when paired with Semi-Sweet a matte medium brown and Hazelnut a shimmery golden bronze. I really love the hues of Amaretto, Cherry Cordial and Black Forest Truffle which are perfect for creating those berry toned Autumnal looks. 

The majority of the shades have great pigmentation and are super smooth and blendable. But you know I do always like to keep it real and so the shades that let the palette down for me are Strawberry Bon-Bon which lacks a little in pigmentation, Gilded Ganache as it applies a little chunky and patchy, and Triple Fudge which I don't feel is as good quality as the rest. I do think it's quite rare to find a palette with every single shade being exceptional though.

That being said, I think it's an amazing palette for creating everyday neutral looks and has a lovely shade selection. I'd personally choose this one over the Urban Decay Naked palette, so I'm gonna go with Y.E.S, it's definitely worth the hype and the splurge on it. Plus it smells like chocolate, what's not to love? 

What are your thoughts on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette?


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