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Favourite Five | Pink Lipsticks

Love, Catherine | Favourite Five Pink Lipsticks, MAC & YSL

Favourite Five Pink Lipsticks | MAC Creme Cup, Saint Germain, Snob & YSL Lingerie Pink, Nude Beige

Favourite Five Pink Lipsticks | MAC Creme Cup, Saint Germain & Snob

Favourite Five Pink Lipsticks | YSL Rouge Volupte, Lingerie Pink & Nude Beige

Favourite Five Pink Lipstick Swatches | MAC Creme Cup, Saint Germain, Snob & YSL Lingerie Pink, Nude Beige

I was originally planning to have a little YSL vs. MAC lipstick face off kinda post, buut these photos ended up sitting around in my drafts for way too long instead oops! (You maaay have spotted a couple of these pictures a little while back on my  Instagram). I actually realised since I took these photos, that the lipsticks pictured have become my all time favourite pink lipsticks, and thought I might as well show them to you, it would just be rude not to!

MAC |  Creme Cup
Starting off with an old classic, Creme Cup. It's a beautiful soft, milky pink shade which just looks so gorgeous on so many people. It's such a wearable shade and was the first ever MAC lipstick I got my hands on, and I've since gone through about three tubes of the stuff. I haven't reached for it very often this year but it did used to be my bff and it will always be one of my faves!

MAC |  Snob
Ohh Snob, you are my baby! It's a gorgeous cool toned pink with slight mauve undertones and has become my favourite lipstick e.v.e.r. It's been my most worn shade this year (look out for it in my 2016 beauty faves!) and it definitely looks a world away from when it was pretty and new in these photos *sob*. On darker skintypes it might look a bit pastel/Nicki Minaj-esque, but for those with pale skin like me it's totally wearable and not as scary as you may think at all (check out  this post to see what it looks like on me!)

MAC |  Saint Germain
I feel like Saint Germain is one of those lipsticks that you either love or hate. Yes, it's that super vibrant, bubblegum Barbie pink shade that can look totally off putting and downright scary in the tube, but it's definitely not as bad as you may think. It's super cool-toned and almost lavender in colour and again, it's one of those that when paired against a darker skintone, the more light and pastel it will look. On my skin tone (think NC15) it can still look a little daring for me (blame my nude lipstick comfort zone), but it's totally beautiful if you go easy with it. I sometimes like to mix it a little with Snob or Creme Cup!

If Snob and Creme Cup had a baby, Lingerie Pink would be the offspring. It's a lovely, light, creamy pink shade, that is just beautiful! It's like a baby pink Barbie shade, and looks so gorgeous and girly! (See full review  here!)

YSL |  #1 Nude Beige
If you're going to splurge on any YSL lipstick, this would be the one I'd recommend the most. It's the prettiest nude pink colour and is one of those shades that looks beaut on so many people! It's a little similar to Creme Cup but with more pigment and a little more nude than pink, but very very beautiful. Plus I just die for that YSL packaging! (Check out my full review  here!)

What are your favourite pink lipsticks?


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  1. Ah all of these look stunning, I especially love the look of YSL Nude Beige! Lovely post x

    1. Thank you, ah it's so pretty isn't it! xo

  2. You have the prettiest collection of pink lipsticks
    The color palette

  3. YSL lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous! Creme Cup looks really pretty, similar to Angel x

    1. They are so luxe aren't they. Yes I've heard that one lots! The only reason I've never purchased Angel! xo

  4. I'm such a sucker for nude and pink lipsticks and I shockingly don't own any of these! I need to take the plunge with buying a YSL one. They're just so beautiful inside and out! 😍

    Katie |

    1. Me too! Ahh you so need to try at least one! xo

  5. Those YSL lippies look good.

  6. All of these lipstick shades look perfect and super girly! I especially love the look of both Nude Beige and Creme Cup :) xo

    Char |

    1. Thank you lovely, gotta love a pretty pink lipstick! xo