Friday, 30 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2016

Love, Catherine | What I Got For Christmas 2016

I know there's a little bit of controversy labeling the What I Got For Christmas blog post as braggy, but I've learnt whatever you may write, there will always be some form of judgement. I personally love reading these kind of posts, and I honestly don't see the difference between them and a normal haul, so I'm not sure why a few people get their panties in a twist about the whole thaang. Isn't it just really lovely seeing what special gifts everyone has been treated to by their friends and family?! You won't see any bragging here, just pure love and excitement about the things I was gifted and I hope you'll love seeing them too.

What I Got For Christmas 2016 | Charlotte Tilbury Treats
Charlotte Tilbury Treats

One of my favourite makeup brands is the luxurious Charlotte Tilbury range as the rose gold, vintage style packaging is just beautiful and the products themselves are amazing quality. I was treated to the adorable  Mini Lipstick Charms which look so so cute, and the  Full Fat Lashes Masacara which I've heard lots of great things about! I also got another  Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder which has become my all-time favourite, it so finely milled, keeps my makeup in place and most importantly doesn't cake up on your face! It's honestly perfection. 

What I Got For Christmas 2016 | Olivia Burton Bow Necklace

Since Olivia Burton released a gorgeous jewellery line, in addition to their beautiful watches, I basically haven't shut up about it. Every piece is so girly and pretty and totally me! But the item I had my eye on was this dainty little necklace which has a lovely little rose gold bow and a scalloped silver coin with Olivia Burton stamped around it.

What I Got For Christmas 2016 | Champneys Summer Dream Bath & Body Range

This range of pink bath and body products from Champneys looks fit for a Princess and I was treated to the  Rewarding Bubble Heaven,  Butter Souffle, and the  Shower Gel from the range. I've already tried their Shower Mousse which is lovely, and the Summer Dream scent smells like strawberries and champagne!

What I Got For Christmas 2016 | Kate Spade Rose Gold Glitter Keds
Kate Spade |  Rose Gold Glitter Keds

My boyfriend surprised me with these beautiful glitter Keds from Kate Spade, which I've wanted forever but never thought I'd ever end up owning. He's too sweet, he knows I love everything Kate Spade and the rose gold colour of these sneakers are too pretty! They come with a pair of pink ribbon laces and a cotton pair too, but you all know I'll be keeping those pretty ribbons laced in..

What I Got For Christmas 2016 | Diptyque Rose Candle
Diptyque |   Roses Candle

The gift that gave it all away that my boyfriend, who I never thought read my blog, had in fact been a sneaky little blog reader!! My face must've been a picture opening this one as I was so shocked he even knew about the Dipytque brand, let alone the Roses scent I'd been lusting after. Boyfriend points x1000. The candle smells utterly beautiful and is one of those that you can smell the fragrance even before you've unboxed it. It smells quite similar to Jo Malone Red Roses if you've ever tried it!

What I Got For Christmas 2016 | Vintage Tea Set
Marks & Spencer |  Vintage Porcelain Tea Set

My Mum treated me to the prettiest porcelain dinnerware from Marks & Spencer which just has my name written all over it. She bought me the  Cup & Saucer Set which are so lovely and delicate and come with four different pastel colours. I love the ridged pattern and gold rims which look so elegant. She also picked out the  Porcelain Cake Slice for me as we all know how much I love to bake (and eat) cake!
I was so so happy that my Mum also found the set of Vintage Cake Plates for me as I fell in love with them when I first spotted them in store, and they'd since been out of stock, so and I didn't think I'd ever own them! What a babe. There are four of them in the set which come in same pretty pastel shades as the tea cups, and have cute phrases written on them in gold script. I also treated myself to these  Cake Forks to match as I couldn't resist!

What I Got For Christmas 2016 | Ted Baker Pale Pink Otillia Bag

My boyfriend bought me the dream bag!! I'd been totally heart-eyed over this Ted Baker Otillia bag since I'd seen it, and I was so excited when I opened it on Christmas day. It's a gorgeous pale pink shade with little rose gold details, and even has the cutest little bunny print on the inside! He also bought me the little pink Ted Baker Christmas Cracker (in the first photo), even though he didn't have a clue what was inside haha. It actually contains a sweet little pair of socks! 

As always I'm so so grateful for the lovely things I was gifted! If you've written a similar post I'd love you to link me to it so I can have a little nosey!


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Friday, 23 December 2016

Favourite Five | Pink Lipsticks

Love, Catherine | Favourite Five Pink Lipsticks, MAC & YSL

Favourite Five Pink Lipsticks | MAC Creme Cup, Saint Germain, Snob & YSL Lingerie Pink, Nude Beige

Favourite Five Pink Lipsticks | MAC Creme Cup, Saint Germain & Snob

Favourite Five Pink Lipsticks | YSL Rouge Volupte, Lingerie Pink & Nude Beige

Favourite Five Pink Lipstick Swatches | MAC Creme Cup, Saint Germain, Snob & YSL Lingerie Pink, Nude Beige

I was originally planning to have a little YSL vs. MAC lipstick face off kinda post, buut these photos ended up sitting around in my drafts for way too long instead oops! (You maaay have spotted a couple of these pictures a little while back on my  Instagram). I actually realised since I took these photos, that the lipsticks pictured have become my all time favourite pink lipsticks, and thought I might as well show them to you, it would just be rude not to!

MAC |  Creme Cup
Starting off with an old classic, Creme Cup. It's a beautiful soft, milky pink shade which just looks so gorgeous on so many people. It's such a wearable shade and was the first ever MAC lipstick I got my hands on, and I've since gone through about three tubes of the stuff. I haven't reached for it very often this year but it did used to be my bff and it will always be one of my faves!

MAC |  Snob
Ohh Snob, you are my baby! It's a gorgeous cool toned pink with slight mauve undertones and has become my favourite lipstick e.v.e.r. It's been my most worn shade this year (look out for it in my 2016 beauty faves!) and it definitely looks a world away from when it was pretty and new in these photos *sob*. On darker skintypes it might look a bit pastel/Nicki Minaj-esque, but for those with pale skin like me it's totally wearable and not as scary as you may think at all (check out  this post to see what it looks like on me!)

MAC |  Saint Germain
I feel like Saint Germain is one of those lipsticks that you either love or hate. Yes, it's that super vibrant, bubblegum Barbie pink shade that can look totally off putting and downright scary in the tube, but it's definitely not as bad as you may think. It's super cool-toned and almost lavender in colour and again, it's one of those that when paired against a darker skintone, the more light and pastel it will look. On my skin tone (think NC15) it can still look a little daring for me (blame my nude lipstick comfort zone), but it's totally beautiful if you go easy with it. I sometimes like to mix it a little with Snob or Creme Cup!

If Snob and Creme Cup had a baby, Lingerie Pink would be the offspring. It's a lovely, light, creamy pink shade, that is just beautiful! It's like a baby pink Barbie shade, and looks so gorgeous and girly! (See full review  here!)

YSL |  #1 Nude Beige
If you're going to splurge on any YSL lipstick, this would be the one I'd recommend the most. It's the prettiest nude pink colour and is one of those shades that looks beaut on so many people! It's a little similar to Creme Cup but with more pigment and a little more nude than pink, but very very beautiful. Plus I just die for that YSL packaging! (Check out my full review  here!)

What are your favourite pink lipsticks?


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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

My Favourite Free Script Fonts For Blogging

Love, Catherine | My Favourite Free Script Fonts For Blogging

So this post actually came about because my laptop decided to quite literally break apart and die on me. You may be thinking, well that makes no sense at all duh brains, well sshh let me explain. My boyfriend kindly lent me his laptop in the meantime and whilst I was redownloading all of my favourite graphics and fonts that I use for my blog (I know what a snore), I found a couple of new gems which inspired me to create this blog post! 

I personally love, and probably overuse, Magnolia Sky and Morva at the moment and I can't wait to start using the pretty Shinthia Script and Aidan Script, which I recently found. Hope this helps a little if you are also a blogger! I would love to know if you'd like to see this style of post again on my blog as I had fun creating it!



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Monday, 19 December 2016

iPhone 7 Plus Rose Gold | Camera Review

Love, Catherine | iPhone 7 Plus Rose Gold Camera Review

Love, Catherine | iPhone 7 Plus Rose Gold Camera Review

Love, Catherine | iPhone 7 Plus Rose Gold Camera Review

Love, Catherine | iPhone 7 Plus Rose Gold Camera Review

I get quite a few comments and messages from people asking what I use to take my photos with and I've actually always just used my phone! So when Apple announced that their new iPhone 7 Plus was to come equipped with an amazing dual camera, which is said to mimic the result of a DSLR camera, I couldn't resist but to upgrade!
I'm no technical specialist here, so don't go expecting any intellectual details about the camera aspects, but I wanted to make this post as I've received lots of questions about it and I know a lot of people are deliberating on upgrading to the Plus because of the camera! 

Normal Camera Mode

Love, Catherine | iPhone 7 Plus Rose Gold Camera Review

The camera itself gives clean, crisp photos, which produces amazingly in focus shots, that you wouldn't believe were taken with a phone. When focusing, it gives a slight, soft blur to the background, even without the Portrait Mode, which you can see a little bit in the above picture. The lens has a wider aperture than previous models, which means it lets in a lot more light. I can definitely tell it's much brighter than my old 6S was, especially at times when the daylight is fading, which is perfect for those that like bright, airy photos like me! You can tap on the screen to select a focus place and then slide up and down to adjust the brightness, which is not a new feature but is one I use all the time when taking my photos.

Portrait Mode

Love, Catherine | iPhone 7 Plus Rose Gold Camera Review, Portrait Mode

Love, Catherine | iPhone 7 Plus Rose Gold Camera Review, Portrait Mode

Now comes the fancy Portrait Mode, which is probably what you've come here to read about. It's the effect that mimics those ever-coveted Bokeh/DSLR style photos with beautiful and soft, blurred backgrounds, aka. a bloggers dream! It's called Portrait Mode on the camera settings so you have to slide to open it as you would from the Video setting to Photo setting etc. The photos save in your camera roll as 'Depth Effect', and when using it you have the option to also save the normal version of the photo.

In the above picture you can see with and without the effect and just how amazing it is! It certainly gives that soft focus, dreamy backdrop! The faux-bokeh is created by sensors in the camera which detect which parts should be blurred and which parts need to be focused. Because it's only an effect it doesn't always work perfectly, occasionally it will blur a part of the main image which can look odd. (You can see what I mean with  this photo, where it has blurred out part of the strings at the top). It also seems to work better when the foreground and background are easily separated, and sometimes it won't work for smaller, close-up objects. But for the most-part it's an amazing feature which gives a really professional finish and I love it! Check out these photos  here,  here,  here and  here, which I also took using the Portrait Mode. I'm so impressed!

What do you think?


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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Mariah Carey For MAC Cosmetics

Love, Catherine | Mariah Carey for MAC Cosmetics

Love, Catherine | Mariah Carey for MAC Cosmetics

Love, Catherine | Mariah Carey for MAC Cosmetics, Bit Of Bubbly Lipstick

Love, Catherine | Mariah Carey for MAC Cosmetics, Bit Of Bubbly Lipstick

Love, Catherine | Mariah Carey for MAC Cosmetics, Rainbow Interlude Lipglass

So MAC and Mariah Carey have dreamed up the prettiest, sparkliest, most beautiful collection evahhh and we've all just about lost out flippin' minds over it. 

Can we just take a moment to take in the wonder that is that packaging. That sparkly silver princess packaging! There really are no words. Well actually...there is one word: STUNNING. It's elaborate and luxurious and totally Mariah. I'll admit, I'm not a huge Mariah Carey fan (I don't dislike her, but I'm just not obsessed), but I just couldn't pass up on some glittery MAC limited editions, who can blame me!

For the collection they've revamped the usual sleek black lipstick and encrusted it with silver glitter and champagne gold accents. My favourite part though is the pretty butterfly embossed onto the front of the lipstick, it's so girly and precious and totally unique! I chose the shade Bit Of Bubbly, which has a Cremesheen formula and is described as a soft pinky nude, yet I would say it's much more of a light peach in real life, although I haven't brought myself to swatch it yet, (first world problems at it's finest).

I also had to get the Rainbow Interlude Lipglass simply because it looked so pretty and perfect! It's a sweet light pink gloss with beautiful iridescent shimmer running through it. I actually have tried this one out (only because it wouldn't visably ruin it haha) and it's one that would look so gorgeous on top of so many different lip colours, especially a pinky nude lipstick. The formula is a little sticky but that's the same with all MAC Lipglass's, but they are very glossy and long wearing. 

THIS is how to do a limited edition collection. The Dahhlinggg lipstick and My Mimi Skinfinish looked beautiful aswell, and I did also have my eye on the Loose Powder which comes in the loveliest sparkly silver box with the cutest little powder puff, but I think I splurged enough...

Did you manage to purchase any of the MAC Mariah range?


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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Winter Skincare Favourites

Love, Catherine | Winter Skincare Favourites

Seeing as this little old blog is predominately about my love obsession for beauty, it's a bit strange that I've never written a post dedicated solely to skincare (I think, don't sue me if I have okay), so I thought it was about time I fixed that! I don't always use a heap of products on my oily skin but during the Winter time, especially this year, I've found my skin becomes a bit dehydrated (whilst still being oily) and it just needs a little skincare hug! 

Winter Skincare Favourites | Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist
Jurlique |  Rosewater Balancing Mist*
I've been loving this beautiful Rosewater Mist ever since I received a couple of bottles a while ago. It replenishes and tones your skin and feels so lovely and refreshing to spritz over the face! It really soothes my skin and I just love it. I'm a huge fan of floral rose fragrances and this scent is so gorgeous and luxurious!

Winter Skincare Favourites | Rose & Co. Hand Cream
Rose & Co. |  Hand Cream*
I'm going to just admit that I have an absolute tonne of hand creams scattered about my bedroom, some half used, some even unused eek! It's the one thing that seems to just build up until I realise I have far too many that I just don't use, so I end up off loading them to my mum who will appreciate them far more than I could. That being said, this little pink tube from Rose & Co. is pretty much the only hand cream I've been reaching for and I keep it next to my bed! It feels really lovely and silky, sinks into the skin very quickly (I can't stand greasy hand creams that stick about), and leaves my hands feeling baby soft. It also smells divine, another rose scented product...I can't resist!

Winter Skincare Favourites | Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado
Kiehls |  Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado
I don't know who my skin thinks it is at the moment but I've suddenly developed eczema...underneath my eyes! It goes through stages of being super red and sore, to really dry and flaky and looks terrible when I apply makeup over the top. It's honestly really getting me down because it looks pretty gross and I've never really experienced any kind of dry skin before, so it's completely alien territory for me! I have heard that you can randomly become allergic to products that you had no problems with before, so I've switched up my concealer to see if it will help. In the meantime though I thought it best to upgrade my eye cream to only the most highly praised out there: the Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado!
It's a super thick, nourishing eye cream (much thicker than I'd expected) and it breathes a sigh of relief to my sore under-eyes. I can't say my eczema had cleared up yet unfortunately, but it certainly helps to soothe the area!

Winter Skincare Favourites | Caudalie Vinosource Moisturisers
Caudalie |  Vinosource Moisturisers*
Of course I can't go a whole skincare post and not mention any kind of moisturiser! I'm actually really fussy when it comes to face creams, as I have oily skin, I hate super thick products that leave a residue behind and take forever to sink into the skin and it can be hard to find one that doesn't do that, but is hydrating at the same time. My favourites that I am obsessed with are these Vinosource moisturisers from Caudalie. I particularly love the  Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid which quenchs my skin, but is lightweight and sinks in really quickly, perfect as a base for makeup! I've almost run out of this one so I will 100% be purchasing it again. I also have the  Moisturizing Sorbet, which is like a step up from the Mattifying Fluid I would say, I love this one for when I feel my skin needs that extra boost, especially in the evenings!

What are your favourite skincare products?


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*Disclaimer: Some of the items in this post are PR samples, however this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are 100% my own

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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Follow Me To | Bath Christmas Market & Festive Shopping

Love, Catherine | Follow Me To..Festive Shopping!

To make the most magical month of the year extra special I've been getting up lots of extra content on here. so I thought I'd try something a little different and take you guys along with me for a little festive shopping trip! I live in the city of Bath which hosts a very popular Christmas Market each year and I couldn't not have a visit (or two..)! 

Love, Catherine | Follow Me To..Festive Shopping!
Bath Christmas Market

Love, Catherine | Follow Me To..Festive Shopping!
Bath Christmas Market

Love, Catherine | Follow Me To..Festive Shopping!
Apres Ski Bar

All of the little wooden stalls at the Christmas Market look so quaint and festive, dressed up with garlands and twinkly fairy lights. There are a few bar areas decked out to look like lodges, but the one I'd recommend visting is the Apres Ski Bar; a log cabin decorated so cosy and festive with fur rugs, fluffy blankets and hanging stockings everywhere. You'll literally feel like you're holidaying in the The North Pole.

Love, Catherine | Belgian Chocolate Waffles with Mini Marshmallows
Belgian Chocolate Waffle with Mini Marshmallows

Who can resist the smell of warm, freshly baked Waffles and chocolatey yumminess?! Clearly not me! I had mine with hot Belgian Chocolate sauce and mini marshmallows and it was delicious, but ridiculously expensive! 

Anthropologie | Gingerbread House Decoration
Anthropologie |  Gingerbread House Decoration

Anthropologie | Shimmered Mitten Christmas Decoration
Anthropologie |  Mittens Decoration

Anthropologie | Snow Globe Christmas Decoration
Anthropologie | Snow Globe Decoration

I popped into Anthropologie as it's one of my favourite shops to have a little browse of and I was dying to see their beautiful Christmas products. How gorgeous are these decorations I found? I love the  sparkly mittens!

Anthropologie | Chin Chin Glass Bottles
Anthropologie | 'Chin Chin' Glass Bottles

I'm totally one of those annoying people that whips their camera out at any given moment. Especially on this occasion, I practically felt like a tourist in my own town haha, but I had to snap a picture of these pretty glass bottles. They have 'Chin-Chin' written across them in beautiful gold script and I thought they'd be so pretty for the festive season. Also, how cute would they be for the kids to leave milk in for Santa!

Anthropologie | Ooh La La Glitter Confetti Phone Case
Anthropologie |  'Ooh La La' Confetti iPhone Case

I need this phone case! I feel like it was literally made for me with the 'Ooh La La' print, the sparkly sequined confetti and pink packaging *heart eyes*. I wish they had one for my 7 Plus!

The White Company | Christmas Decorations
The White Company

The White Company | Cashmere Bed Socks
The White Company |  Cashmere Socks

I couldn't not take a little look in The White Company, as their Christmas tree decorations are always so cute and I was so tempted to buy another of their festive candles ( Winter is my fave!) I'd totally recommend popping their Cashmere Socks onto your Christmas wishlist, I was lucky to receive a pink pair as a gift last year, and they are so soft and cosy, plus they look beaut!

What do you think about this style of post?


Friday, 9 December 2016

Cute Stocking Filler Ideas

Love, Catherine | Cute Christmas Stocking Filler Guide

I've already made two pretty Gift Guide posts for this year (which you can catch up on  here and  here if you fancy) but for those of you that are still in need of some more affordable gift ideas, here's some more for ya!

1. The Vintage Cosmetic Company |  Girls Night Tin Heart | £27.50

2. New Look |  Pink Faux Fur Pom Pom Gloves | £7.99

3. Katie Loxton |  Pink Sentiment Heart Keyring | £12.99

4. Lush |  Magic Wand Bubble Bar | £5.95

5. Sara Happ |  The Lip Slip | £19.60

6. Champneys |  Summer Dream Bubble Heaven | £12

7. Champneys |  Summer Dream Body Souffle | £10

8. Paul & Joe |  Beauty Mirror |  £14

9. Laura Hickman |  #OOTD Fashion Flat Lay Colouring Book | £12


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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

A Festive Haul

Love, Catherine | A Festive Haul

Isn't this time of year just the absolute best! I've formed a little collection of brand new festive buys and I can only apologise for the amount of times I am about to write the words cute, pretty and beautiful in this post, but just look!..

Love, Catherine | A Festive Haul

Anthropologie | Pink Candle Trio with Gold Script
Anthropologie |  Candles

I always feel like a loser being excited by a candle (you can blame Scream Queens for that) but if you are a bit of a candle freak like me, you'll understand my need for a Christmas scented candle! I almost went for The White Company, Winter again which smells amazing, but I came across this little trio of pink candles which were too cute to say no to! They are smaller than I was expecting once they arrived but look lovely anyway, and they have the phrases 'Good Cheer', 'Oh So Delightful' and 'Nice And Cosy' written in a beautiful gold script across the front. The sweet mango and coconut scent isn't exactly a festive fragrance, but they do smell really good and much nicer than I expected!

Monsoon | Ice Skate Christmas Tree Decoration

I've come to that point in my life where I love collecting Christmas decorations, and I'm not sure if that scares or excites me. Either way I found this pretty little sparkly powder blue, ice skate decoration, and I just thought it was so lovely!

Paperchase | Pastel Christmas Gift Tags with Gold Foil Script

Paperchase | Pastel Christmas Gift Tags with Gold Foil Script
Paperchase |  Pastel & Gold Gift Tags

I saw these pretty pastel gift tags on the Paperchase website and had to grab them. How beautiful are they with the goil foil festive phrases printed on them? They say 'Christmas Wishes', 'Open Me', 'Noel', 'Good Tidings' and 'Season Greetings'. Gonna be wrapping some pretty perfect looking presents this year *muscle flex*

Anthropologie | Gold Monogram Mug
Anthropologie |  Gold Monogram Mug

I've been dying to get my hands on one of these beautiful gold inital mugs from Anthropolgie for ages and I somehow told myself that Christmas time was the perfect time for it. I really, really, did not need another mug but I mean, drinking your hot chocolate out of something extremely pretty just makes it taste better, right?!

Accessorize | Pink Macaron Christmas Tree Decoration
Accessorize |  Macaron Decoration

I found this cute little pink macaron decoration through my lovely friend Freya's Instagram (she is a such a sweetheart and posts the prettiest pictures). I immediately went straight to check the Accessorize website like the little consumer I am, but I couldn't find it on there, so I randomly had a look in store a few days ago and they had two left so I had to nab one. Isn't it just too cute!

Paperchase | Mini Gold Star Sequin Baubles
Paperchase |  Mini Star Sequin Baubles

I originally bought these mini baubles because I wanted to buy a little mini Christmas tree for my bedroom, but that plan failed miserably because y'know, I'm awful at managing my money and stuff (as this post so clearly suggests..). Even so, they are adorable and the little star sequins look so pretty and twinkly!

Peggy Porschen | Christmas Snowflake Iced Cookie
Peggy Porschen | Snowflake Cookie

If you're a regular reader of my blog or follow what I get up to over on my  Instagram, then you'll know I paid a little visit to the super pretty Peggy Porschen cake shop a few days ago. They had it all dressed up with the girliest Christmas decorations and had so many beautifully wrapped, festive sugar cookies for sale. I had to buy this icy blue Snowflake Cookie because it looked so precious, but how can I possibly bite into it and ruin it?!


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