Thursday, 6 October 2016

September 2016 | Photo Diary

Love, Catherine | September Photo Diary 2016

I am determined to not miss a single monthly Photo Diary for this entire year so now that I've returned from my weeks holiday (which you may know about if you follow me on  Instagram) it's time to post some of the highlights from September!

Love, Catherine | Baby Shower Cake
Baby Shower Cake

I got a little excited about creating a cake for my sister's baby shower as the theme gave me free reign to make it ultra cute. She doesn't know what sex the baby will be so I opted for a half pink, half blue design and made some adorable little sugar baby booties as the main decoration for the top, and some sweet alphabet blocks to go alongside them. It's one of my favourites I've made so far!

Love, Catherine | Zara Pink City Bag
Zara Pink City Bag

I had my eye on a similar pink bag from H&M for a little while but once I'd actually got around to purchasing it, it had typically sold out *sob*. So I instantly shopped around online to find a similar replacement and found this absolute beaut from Zara that I actually prefer so much more (silver linings and all that..) and it was only around £29.99 which is such a steal for a Zara bag!

Love, Catherine | Ice Cream Weather
Bye Bye Summer

Ironically I had my first ice cream cone right at the end of Summer! It was one of the last warm, sunny days which we just have to make the most of here in the UK and it basically screamed ice cream weather...and yes it totally did melt all down my hand whilst I was being a saddo trying to get a picture of it (first world probs). 

Love, Catherine | Lace and Whimsy Planner Stickers
Gettin' My Plan On

I was sent some really cute stickers from the lovely Kathy at Lace and Whimsy who sketches the cutest little designs. I've scattered them across my planner and now I feel like one of those girls who needs stickers for every season, occasion and basically everyday.

Love, Catherine | Cow Themed Birthday Cake
Cow Themed Birthday Cake

A lovely customer asked for a cow themed birthday cake for her little grandaughter and this is what I came up with! I've become obsessed with creating cute things out of sugar paste and I loved the little cow I made for this one, a little on the chunky side but cute nonetheless haha. I also couldn't resist but to colour the vanilla sponge pink inside!

Love, Catherine | Too Faced Pink Makeup
Too Faced Makeup

Another appreciation post for Too Faced makeup?! I'm sorry!!! I cannot help myself when their products are this damn cute okay. Also, who else is in desperate need of their Christmas In New York collection? 'Cos I definitely am.

Love, Catherine | The White Company Pink Cashmere Socks
Feelin' Autumnal

On the 1st of September my cosy White Company cashmere socks and hot drinks came back out in full force. As sad as I am to see Summer disappear ( I l.o.v.e Summer) I'm also really excited for all of the hot bubble baths (with Lush bath bombs obvs), fireworks, twinkly fairy lights, candles and bobble hats!

Love, Catherine | Woodland Cupcakes
Woodland Cupcakes

I wanted to create something super special for my Mum's birthday as I knew she'd only complain if I didn't haha. I came up with these cute woodland themed designs featuring an owl, a butterfly, a snail, a hedgehog, some little mushrooms and a tree stump. Decorations like this take such a long time to create and require the patience of a saint but I was so pleased with the outcome! Which one is your favourite?

Side note: As I now have so many different baking creations each month, I just can't feature every single one in these posts or they'd take over my photo diaries! I don't know if everyone cares for them so make sure you're following me on  Instagram if you'd like to see them all, including the yummiest chocolate Nutella buttercream rosette cake I made this month!

Love, Catherine | Pink Double Pom Pom Bobble Hat
Pink Double Pom Pom Hat

One thing I do love about the colder weather is bringing the bobble hats back out, they are just so cute! I'd seen a few double pom pom hats around but thought I'd hold out in case I found a pink one and good old River Island came to my rescue with the most perfect hat ever! I'd probably fit in amongst the primary school girls when I wear it but nope, I don't even care. (Also showcasing how rubbish my phone's front face camera is :))



  1. Wow! Those cakes you have made a fabulous! I love baking but I am nowhere near as good as you, well done! Sophie x

    1. Aw thanks so much! Just keep practising, you can only get better! :-) xo

  2. You need to do a post about you you make these cakes! I need to know xx

    Zoe Mountford x

    1. They take me ages to make that if I photographed the process it would take forever haha and the photos would probably be rubbish xo

  3. your life is so pretty and pastel i'm very jealous. you always have the cutest photography!
    jen / velvet spring

    1. It's definitely not all the time haha! Thank you :-) xo

  4. gorgeous! wish to have a your decorating skills

    1. Thank you! Aw you just need practise, I used to be rubbish! xo

  5. What lovely and heartwarming pictures! Love every single of them :)

    Victoria x

    1. Aw thank you so much, it means a lot :-) xo

  6. You look so pretty in the last photo and that bobble hat is just too cute! I always love seeing your cake creations on Instagram because they are literally incredible - you're so talented! :) xo

    Char |

  7. I've been following you on Instagram for ages and JUST decided to check out your blog. It's so beautiful, and holy cow are you talented with the cakes and cupcakes!! I'm so excited to have found you and now I can snoop around and see what I missed.

    Also, your photography is GORGEOUS! You are the absolute epitome of having the perfect aesthetic!

    Katie |

  8. Beautiful bakes again! And oh my, that ice cream looks delicious.

  9. These are lovely photos! Those socks and hat look so cosy! x