Thursday, 8 September 2016

Bedroom Details & Homeware Haul

Bedroom Details & Homeware Haul | Love, Catherine

I've recently changed my bedroom up a little and I now have a beautiful new princess bed, so I thought it was only right to pop a few pretty new additions in to help it look perfect!
I was also kindly gifted £50 to from Ocean to help me in my little homeware haul/majorly overdue bedroom spruce up. £50 might not seem like a lot, but once I'd shopped around I found lots of cute bargains, it's surprising how far the money stretched as I actually went a couple of pounds under budget (minus the bed obvs!)

Bedroom Details, French Chateau Princess Bed | Love, Catherine
New Princess Bed

I painfully had to throw my precious Ikea Leirvik Bed (yep, that pretty bed you see all over Instagram & Pinterest) straight in the skip as it was basically a heap of junk, as pretty as it looked. So I had to find a fitting replacement, and I'm so in love with this  French Chateau Bed I found on  The Furniture Market! I think it's gorgeous and as much as I loved my previous bed, at least this one's quite unique (for now...)

Bedroom Details, Primark White Lace Bed Linen | Love, Catherine
Bed Linen | Primark | £20

I love crisp white bed linen with small girly details to them as they look pretty but not over the top, and plus white will match any cushions and bedroom items you have! I was so pleased to find this embroidered lace duvet set in Primark of all places, and I got a little £3 discount due to a tiny mark on them (which came straight off in the wash!). I feel like I need a couple of coloured (cough*pink*cough) cushions so everything doesn't look quite so stark white, but it's a work in progress.

Homeware Haul | Dunelm Heart Milk Bottle Vase
Heart Bottle Vase | Dunelm | £4.99

When shopping for cute homeware items, Dunelm is always one of the first places I'll check as they have some really lovely pieces that are so affordable. I was on the lookout for a new vase, and I spotted this white heart vase from their Country Heart range which I already love. I think it's adorable and looks like a little milk bottle. I just need a real bunch of roses to make it look perfect (now's the time I'd drop hints to my boyfriend but alas he doesn't read my blog..)

Homeware Haul | Pink Glass Bird Cake Dome Stand
Pink Glass Bird Cake Dome | eBay | £7.99

I don't know about you but I seem to have an eBay watch list that goes on for pages and pages, and this miniature cake stand has literally been on there for well over a year. I don't really know why I didn't purchase it straight away as I'm so pleased with it now, but you know, that's me and eBay for you. I love the scalloped pink stand and the sweet little bird on top of the glass dome! Obviously it's a cake stand so it would look lovely to present a special cupcake in, but I bought it with the idea to display a few favourite items in, like these pretty lipsticks!

Homeware Haul | Paperchase Rose Photo Frame
Rose Photo Frame | Paperchase | £10

I saw this beautiful rose detailed white frame in Paperchase and thought it was gorgeous and a perfect fit for my bedroom! I think you can probably find these a bit cheaper if you look on eBay or Amazon, but I love the quality of this one, I think it looks much more expensive than it is! I've just popped in this pretty flamingo print I got from  TreatBoxUK, but I'll probably change it up every now and then.

Homeware Haul | Sass & Belle Rose Heart Wreath
Rose Heart Wreath | Sass & Belle, eBay | £3.99

I bought this cute rose heart wreath with the idea for it to go on the wall above my bed, but once it arrived I'm not sure if it looks quite right in that place as my headboard is already quite tall. I do like it though as it's quite delicate yet pretty so i'll definitely find another little spot for it elsewhere!

What do you think of my picks?



  1. What gorgeous homeware finds! I love the lipstick holder and your princess bed is so cute!

    Abigail Alice x

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  3. Your room details are just gorgeous Catherine! I read a lot of blogs, but I really wanted to let you know that your blog is one of my few favourites that I get super excited to read when I see you post something (I'm being genuinely honest, not just saying this). Your blog is just so cute and pink and definitely my style. All your posts are so enjoyable to read, I love your writing style and photos xx

    -Sophie || Cherries and Perfume

    1. Aw thank you so much that's so sweet! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog, I should probably try and post more often so that you have more to read haha xo

  4. I literally do the same thing as you do with eBay, I let products sit there for ages and never buy them and I never know why haha! I am in love with your new bed frame - it's so beautiful! All of the other bits you picked up are super girly and pretty as well. Reading this post has really made me want to re-decorate my room!xo

    Char |

    1. Haha it's strange isn't it, especially considering most things on eBay are ridiculously cheap! Aw thank you lovely, you should buy a few little things and change it up, it's surprising what a difference just a couple of items make! xo

  5. Such girly and pretty picks! So in love with your bedroom! #bedroomgoals <3

    1. Thank you lovely! It's only pretty when it's tidy, which isn't all that often oops haha xo

  6. Yep, this all looks sooooo you :-) Pretty.

  7. That bedding is gorgeous! I've never thought of looking in Primark for bedding but I need to for uni so I'll definitely be having a look! x

    1. It's definitely worthwhile checking there, I've had a couple bed linen sets from them and they're lovely! xo

  8. What a gorgeous room you have, odd question but where is the eye mask from? It's lovely :)
    xxx Claire

  9. Your bedroom is so stunnig! #bedroomgoals 🌸💋💕💜💫✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x ||