Monday, 22 August 2016

Lime Crime | Superfoil Eyeshadows & Swatches

Lime Crime Superfoil Eyeshadows & Swatches

Lime Crime Superfoil Eyeshadows & Swatches

Lime Crime Superfoil Eyeshadows | Tutu/En Pointe, Malibu/Convertible, Electric/Barberella

Lime Crime Superfoil Eyeshadows | Tutu/En Pointe, Malibu/Convertible, Electric/Barberella

Lime Crime Superfoil Eyeshadows | Tutu/En Pointe
Tutu/En Pointe

Lime Crime Superfoil Eyeshadows | Electric/Barberella

Lime Crime Superfoil Eyeshadows | Malibu/Convertible

Lime Crime Superfoil Eyeshadow Swatches | Tutu/En Pointe, Malibu/Convertible, Electric/Barberella

I can't lie and say that I didn't keep checking the Lime Crime website for the arrival of their new Superfoil Eyeshadows, or that I didn't have Instagram post notifications turned or that I wasn't subscribed to their emails, cos I totally was. Even if that does make me pretty lame, I'm not even sorry (sassy emoji). These eyeshadows are literally the cutest of cute!

Not only is the pretty pink daisy packaging the sweetest thing I've ever seen, but once I saw swatches online, I was sold. The Superfoil eyeshadows are a new wet/dry formula that transform to liquid foil once applied with water. To start with they've released six different duos, with each containing two vibrantly coloured shades. I bought the shadows that I thought looked the most wearable out of the lot, which are still a little daring for me, but obviously that's one of Lime Crime USP's.

The duo's I bought are Tutu/En Pointe, described as a periwinkle purple and a pink toned rose goldElectric/Barberella, a silvery mauve with a golden pewter, and Malibu/Convertible, a surfer blue and a Cadillac pink. When I first swatched them, I was totally shocked at how pigmented these are it's unreal, and the metallic sheen is insane! The two pink shades En Pointe and Convertible are a little crumbly however, due to how intensely pigmented they are, so do go careful with them if you make a purchase. Whether you're a lover of Lime Crime or not (we all know their company has been involved in a few scandals in the past), you can't deny you don't love it when a brand not only nails the packaging but also delivers with a superior quality product.

I feel like I need to point out the the swatches are all completely dry swatches with no primer or water. Obviously they are marketed as being 'water-activated' so if you thought they couldn't get any better, apply with water and they are even more insane! Priced at £13.80, they are just £6.90 per eyeshadow, which I think is a steal for what you get, especially if you're into your statement shades.

Have you tried the Superfoils yet?


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Clogau Mococo | Fairytale Jewellery

Clogau Mococo Jewellery | Diamond Tree Of Life Bow Necklace

Clogau Mococo Jewellery | Diamond Tree Of Life Bow Necklace

Clogau Mococo Jewellery | Diamond Tree Of Life Bow Necklace

Clogau Mococo Jewellery | Diamond Tree Of Life Bow Necklace

Clogau Mococo Jewellery | Diamond Tree Of Life Bow Necklace

The award winning luxury jewellery retailer  Mococohave become the first online stockists of the beautiful brand  Clogau. Whilst this is my first introduction to Clogau, it's actually a worldwide brand that is well known for creating high quality, timeless jewellery with the use of a special and rare Welsh Gold.

If you take a look at the whole  Clogau Mococo collection you'll see that the brand has a beautiful Celtic style to it's jewellery, with hearts, vines and fairies incorporated into the designs, it's so fairytale-esque! It's like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones meets Disney Princess Merida.

Mococo kindly gifted me this delicate  Diamond Bow Necklace from their Clogau Tree of Life collection, and I am so smitten with it! The feminine bow is handcrafted from sterling silver, and is embellished with a trio of diamonds. A pretty heart/vine design is incorporated into the centre in 9ct rose gold, and it also has an elegant 46cm chain. It's such a beautiful and sophisticated piece with a whimsical vibe to it, and is something that will never go out of style. It's definitely an item that will be easy to wear, as I can dress it up or down!

Some other favourites of mine were the  Butterfly Locket Necklace,  Heart Earrings,  Fairy Floral Locket Necklace and the  Cupcake Charm, everything is so dreamy!

What do you think?


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

July 2016 | Photo Diary

Love, Catherine | July 2016 Photo Diary

Another month, another photo diary! Are you getting bored of these yet?! I hope not as I kinda love creating them *insert sassy emoji*

Engagement Bridal Cupcakes with Fondant Decorations
Engagement Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for my sister's best friend and considering I baked them last minute, I was so pleased with how they turned out. I l.o.v.e.d designing and making them, probably because the theme gave me free range to be super pretty and girly which you'll probably know I can't resist! My favourite to create was probably the pretty wedding dress!

MAC Lipstick Storage
 MAC Lipstick Storage

The only downside to have a teeny tiny huge makeup addiction is ultimately having nowhere to store it all (and the constant no money part but we'll ignore that bit okay). I currently have a large stack of nine Muji drawers that just wont fit everything in anymore, so I decided to take out my MAC lipsticks and find them a new home. I popped them into this pink tub which is actually the container from my Charbonnel Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles my boyfriend bought me for my birthday. They were also ridiculously expensive for a box of truffles, so I'm glad I've put the pretty packaging to good use so I can feel a little less guilty..

Cover FX | Custom Enhancer Drops, Celestial
Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops

These Custom Enhancer Drops from Cover FX were an instant need as soon as I'd caught a glimpse of them online! The drops are basically a liquid highlighter that once applied look like actual liquid platinum, it's insane. The colour I've got is Celestial which is a really pretty pinky pearl shade that I'm just obsessed with. I've been loving mixing this in with my Double Wear foundation to give it a bit more life.

Hair Half Up Half Down, Soft Curls
Hair Half Up

I ever can't go too long without posting some kind of hair picture over on  Instagram! You know when you get asked what your favourite feature about yourself is? Well mine's never been anything other than my hair, it's basically the only thing I get complimented on haha. I'm thinking of doing a whole series of posts about my haircare, so keep an eye out for that.

4th And Reckless | Fluffy Heels & Patent Pink Boots
New Shoes

I was so excited to receive the prettiest set of heels from the footwear brand  4th And Reckless. I've been wanting a pair of  fluffy sandals for too long but y'know, as soon as I get money makeup happens and I'm poor again, so I can't wait to wear these ones out! They also sent me the cutest  perspex patent pink boots which have a clear pink heel, and I know they're not for everyone but they're adorable! Whether I can pull them off or not is another matter...

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance & Charlotte Tilbury Kim K.W. Lipstick
Makeup Pretties

Who can resist a pretty makeup flatlay? Not me! I've been loving my Charlotte Tilbury Kim K.W. nude lipstick which you can read a full review about here. My Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette, is also the palette of dreams, it's so super pigmented and the shade range is so unique.

Made With Love Fondant Cupcakes with Flowers & Bows
More Cupcakes!

I've been on a baking roll the past couple of months, I just can't seem to stop myself! I made this lot for a charity bake sale last weekend and I loved the how the pastel pink, soft blue and lilac shades turned out together! I found a set of cookie stamps in Asda with cute 'homemade' sayings on them and thought they'd be perfect for fondant decorations, plus they were on sale for only £1.50, gotta love a bargain!