Thursday, 21 July 2016

Kate Spade Lustin'

Kate Spade New York Wishlist

Kate Spade is one of my favourite premium brands that I like to lust after from afar. I'm too rubbish at saving money to actually be able to afford anything, but a girl can dream right...or make a wishlist!

4.  Faye Drive Hallie Bag, Sky Blue | £149 (sale!)

I can't decide which one I'd like most, but the pink bag, glitter Keds and candle are the top three! 

Which is your favourite?


Thursday, 14 July 2016

A Summery July Treat Box

A Summery July Treat Box UK

A Summery July Treat Box UK

A Summery July Treat Box UK

A Summery July Treat Box UK

A Summery July Treat Box UK

A Summery July Treat Box UK

A Summery July Treat Box UK

A Summery July Treat Box UK

How adorable is the gift contents from July's  Treat Box UK?! Pretty damn cute I'll tell you. 
As soon as I opened this month's subscription box, I was greeted by lots of Summery themed items all wrapped inside a watermelon pink shade of tissue paper, and sprinkled with the sweetest pineapple and melon shaped confetti. I am a huge advocate for little touches like this, it makes it feel so special!

Some of my favourites inside the box include a pretty pouch with the phrase 'and so the adventure begins darling' printed across the front, it's the perfect size for popping in a few favourite makeup items, nail polishes, or odd bits and bobs. I also love the cocktail scented Pina Colada candle, the 'everyday is an adventure' heart shaped plaque and the 'be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons' print which I'm half tempted to get framed! 

July also marks Treat Box's first birthday, so lots of sweet celebration style items were also included. I received a cute packet of multi-coloured confetti, a baby pink and gold Hooray flag, and little bottle of bubbles (although not the alcoholic kind you party animal!)

Full contents:
♥ Flamingo Print
♥ So The Adventure Begins Pouch
♥ Pineapple Wish Bracelet
♥ Pink & Gold Hooray Flag
♥ One In A Melon Badge
♥ Pina Colada Candle
♥ Everyday Is An Adventure Heart Plaque
♥ Oh The Places You'll Go Print
♥ Confetti Packet
♥ Mini Bottle of Bubbles
♥ Love Hearts

The whole box only costs £12.95 as a one off or £12 as a  subscription, which I think is pretty great value for what you recieve, especially compared to a lot of others on the market.

What do you think?


Thursday, 7 July 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips | Kim K.W. Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips | Kim K.W (Kardashian) Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips | Kim K.W (Kardashian) Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips | Kim K.W (Kardashian) Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips | Kim K.W (Kardashian) Lipstick Swatch

As soon as word got around that makeup queen Charlotte Tilbury was not only releasing an entire new selection of lipsticks branded as Hot Lips, but each that shade was inspired by numerous glamorous female celebrities, I was all over it. Then I saw photos of a gorgeous nude lipstick named after none other than Kim Kardashian. Love her or hate her the shade looked gorge, so I instantly added it to my mental wishlist (the wishlist in my head, but yes my wishlist is also crazy if that's what you thought I meant) and I nabbed it straight away on the day they were released like the keen bean I am.

The lipstick, named Kim K.W., is housed in classic Charlotte Tilbury rose gold packaging which feels and looks so luxurious, and the bullet has an pretty lip print embossed into the front that I just never want to ruin, it's dreamy! The shade is such a wearable, pretty nude colour which pulls a lot peachier once applied. It's quite light yet nothing too extreme that anyone with a medium skintone (much like Kim's) wouldn't be able to pull it off, but as I have quite fair skin, it sits as a lovely peachy rosey nude and is very flattering. It also has a smooth, creamy texture which gives a little bit of a gloss finish, similar to Mac's Cremesheen formula, but a little more longwearing. 

There are 12 lipsticks in the collection altogether and some have this same creamy finish, and others have a formula similar to Charlotte's Matte Revolution collection. I definitely could have splurged more as there are so many other pretty shades that caught my eye, including Liv It Up, a beautiful ballet pink inspired by Liv Tyler!

What do you think? Have you bought a Hot Lips lipstick?


Sunday, 3 July 2016

June 2016 | Photo Diary

June 2016 | Photo Diary, Love Catherine

Brace yourselves because this months Photo Diary is gonna be a fairly long one! For some reason I just couldn't bear to narrow my selection of pictures down so I'll try to keep it short and sweet with the captions!

Topshop | Quilted Bomber Jacket
Topshop | Quilted Bomber Jacket

I'd only recently bought a silky pink bomber jacket from New Look but when I spotted this quilter number from Topshop, I just had to get it! Plus I had a 20% off birthday discount code, so you know, win win. It has major Mean Girls vibes about it, remember the scene where Regina Gorge gatecrashed Cady's house party (who am I kidding, of course you do), Regina's jacket looks so similar!!

New Makeup & Muji Drawers
New Makeup & Muji Drawers

The last couple of months I'd actually calmed down on the makeup buying front believe it or not, but of course it wasn't going to last for long and I've got a fair few newbies in my collection at the moment. I found a little place for my pretty Dior Rosy Blush in my Muji drawers (blog post here), but the rest I might make into a beauty haul post!

Personalised Fondant Birthday Cupcakes
Personalised Birthday Cupcakes

I've always had a love for baking cakes and cupcakes, as you're probably aware (and sick to death of haha). But this was my first go with making birthday cupcakes using fondant decorations! I'm now obsessed!

Pink Bubble Bath
Pink Bubble Bath

When my bath looked this cute I couldn't help but take a picture! I decided it was time to use up some of my cute pink bath products, including my Rose & Co. Bath SoakPatisserie De Bain Strawberry Cupcake Shower Creme and My Fairy Dust Bath Fizz from Little Miss Bath Bomb over on Etsy!

Fluffy Bunny Rabbit Pom Pom Keyring | Asos
Fluffy Bunny Rabbit Keyring | Asos

The result of browsing Asos for far far too long and coming across slightly pointless but utterly adorable items... I couldn't resist this cute fluffy bunny pom pom keyring!!

Pink Candyfloss Cupcakes
Candyfloss Cupcakes

Oh look, more cupcakes what a total shock! I seen a pictures of candyfloss cupcakes on Pinterest (a total goldmine for inspo) and decided to recreate my own versions. I think they look cute, but apparently my round piping nozzle made the icing look like the poo emoji, thanks fam!

A Few Current Faves | Zoella Bath Latte & Barry M Nail Polish
A Few Current Faves

A little snapshot featuring some of my current faves. I of course had to add Zoella's Bath Latte to complete my collection, which smells divine! I'm also super obsessed with these two nail polish shades I picked up from Barry M (which you'll already know if you have me on snapchat *catherine-mw*, cheeky plug) the pale blue is called Eat My Dust and the baby pink is called Kiss Me Quick! I was also kindly gifted this gorgeous trinket tray from Penny Rose Home Gifts, isn't it adorable!

Ariana Grande for Lipsy | Pearl Bunny Earrings
Ariana Grande For Lipsy | Pearl Bunny Earrings

Another total impulse buy. I see cute things, I have to buy! These are the cutest little pearl earrings I've ever seen!!

Colourpop | Westie Lippie Stix
Colourpop Lippe Stix | Westie

A couple of months ago I finally tried out a few things from Colourpop and I've been obsessed with this Lippe Stix in the shade Westie. It's a gorgeous mid-bright toned pink with a velvety matte finish and is actually really similar to Mac Snob (blog post here). I love the colour, I think it's perfect for Summer and it's really long wearing!