Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A Bath Bomb Haul That Isn't Lush?!

Bomb Cosmetics Haul

A bath bomb haul that isn't Lush?! I know, practically unheard of! Lush is basically bath bomb royalty and whenever I fancy frittering my money away on lavish bubble bath items, I instantly head for them. I've known about the Bomb Cosmetics brand for a while but it's pretty rare finding a store that stocks them. Plus it's kinda like cheating on Lush isn't it.

That being said, I found myself on the Bomb Cosmetics website one night (why is it always late at night when I decide I want to empty my bank account?!) and I discovered lots of adorable products, including some new items too. As you can probably tell by the above picture I had a bit a lot of trouble narrowing my selection down and clearly went heaps overboard. which I'm feeling thoroughly guilty about but I'll never learn. It all arrived in a giant pink box and was packaged with lots of little pastel coloured foam packaging pieces, which I though was a cute touch. They're more affordable than Lush, so I'm excited to see how they compare.

P.S sorry if it's annoying that everything is still in the plastic wrap but it's obviously going to take me a while to use it all, so I'd like to keep it as fresh as I can haha!

Bomb Cosmetics | Baby Shower & Cotton Candy

I think the idea of the Bath Blasters is that they all have a classic bath bomb outer shell, which will fizz away once it hits the water, and then the addition of Cocoa and Shea Butters piped into the centre of them, which I assume will melt away at a slower pace. They majority are priced at £2.29 which I think is such a reasonable price.

 Baby Shower | Bath Blaster
This one has a glitzy pink bow on the top, so obviously I needed it (eye roll). It contains Chamomile and Clary Sage oils and has quite a strong scent of freshly washed sheets and laundry, which I personally love as it smells really clean and refreshing.

Cotton Candy | Bath Blaster
The design of Cotton Candy is simple but seriously cute, I love the baby pink outer shell with the swirl of candy pink inside that's sprinkled with chunky silver glitter. It's got a yummy marshmallow and strawberry scent which is a little similar to Lush's Snow Fairy range but much subtler, which is great if you find Snow Fairy a bit overpowering.

Bomb Cosmetics | Over The Rainbow & Cotton Flower

Over The Rainbow | Bath Blaster
I think this is one of their more popular items, as I have seen it in pictures before! It looks so lovely like a fluffy blue and white cloud that has a pretty rainbow embellishment with twinkly gold stars scattered on top and flecks of icy blue glitter sprinkled around it. Designing all of these pretty bath bombs would probably be the best job ever, right?! It smells like Jasmine but also has a fresh linen vibe to it aswell. 

Cotton Flower | Bath Blaster
More of an understated one, with a pale blue shell and little flowers pressed into the Cocoa and Shea Butter white piping. It has a gentle, fresh cotton scent which smells quite similar to the Yankee Candles Soft Blanket and Fluffy Towels. 

Bomb Cosmetics | Fairytale Fantasy & Fuchsia Falls

Fairytale Fantasy | Bath Blaster
I was definitely swayed by the name with this one, because who doesn't want a princess bubble bath?! It has a really sweet girly design with pink and white casing and a pretty rose trinket in the centre. It contains Rosemary and Cedarwood oils which make it smells quite floral but sensual and if it were available as a perfume I would totally wear it! 

Fuchsia Falls | Bath Blaster
The website image of this one had lots of sparkly pink glitter dusted over it, and mine arrived completely devoid of any glitter...It's still pretty but my face basically looked like the side eyeing Chloe meme when I saw it #wheremyglitterat #firstworldprobs. It has a Lavender and Rose scent, which is nice but very low-key!

Bomb Cosmetics | Ice Cream Queen & All That Glitters

Ice Cream Queen | Bath Blaster
How cute is the design of this one with the little pink pearls and ice cream decoration?! I just had to. It has a rich, creamy scent with Sandalwood and Bergamot oils, not quite what I was expecting as I thought it would be very sweet, but it's lovely all the same.

All That Glitters | Bath Blaster
This one has a sparkly disco ball design and the website stated that it's a 'glitter bomb full of surprises' which makes me think it might also contain glitter inside it too. It has a sweet candy scent which smells very similar to Cotton Candy but with a slight cherry kick to it.

Bomb Cosmetics | Spring Fling, Bunny Hop, Swing Into Spring & Feel The Love

Spring Fling | Bath Blaster
The last Bath Blaster I bought was an Easter themed one with adorable little Easter Egg embellishments pressed into it. It has Ylang Ylang and Sandlewood oils and smells fresh and floral, a perfect Spring scent!

Bunny Hop | Bath Mallow
The Bath Mallows cost £2.24 and are made from Cocoa and Shea butters combined with essential oils, which will melt into your bath to nourish and moisturise your skin, as opposed to a typical bath bomb which fizzes away instantly. I had to buy Bunny Hop as it looked so sweet adorned with the pink bunny and tiny butterflies! It contains Amyris and Frankincense oils which give it a sweet spicy scent, which was totally unexpected but it smells amazing.

Swing Into Spring | Bath Mallow
Again, the cute Easter Egg trinkets just got me! This one has a Coconut and Orange scent which I know that lots of people would love, but personally I'm not a fan of Coconut scented products so I will gift this little one to someone else. Probably should've read the description before buying it...face plant.
Feel The Love | Bath Creamer
The Bath Creamers are £2.09 and are made with pure Cocoa and Shea butters which also melt into your bath water. I think these might be richer than the Bath Mallows, which would explain why they are quite small, but don't quote me on that. I bought Feel The Love because of the lovely little heart design not gonna lie. It contains Ylang Ylang and Rose oils and also Patchouli which gives it a fresh, green yet woody scent. 

Bomb Cosmetics | Pink Polka Cocoa Swirl

Pink Polka | Cocoa Swirl
The last item I bought is a Cocoa Swirl which are £2.99 and I think they are just like the Bath Mallows, only bigger. This means you can reuse them and pop them back into the cute little cupcake case to store them. Pink Polka has a fresh, herbal scent with a slight Lavender kick to it and I just love the cute rosebud design.

I don't think I'll need to buy any more bath products for the next 10,000 years. 

Have you tried Bomb Cosmetics?



  1. I've only recently heard of Bomb Cosmetics but I'm definitely tempted to try out some of their cute little bath items - all of the designs are super cute and I definitely agree that designing them would literally be the best job ever!? Great post!xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Haha yes designing them would be so fun! You should deffo check them out :-) xo

  2. I have never tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics but OMG they are so cute, I neeeeeed Cotton Flower as Soft Blankets is my favourite Yankee Candle ever! xx


    1. If you like that kind of scent then Baby Shower would also be perfect for you! xo

  3. I've heard of Bomb Cosmetics before but have never thought to order anything until now! They all look absolutely adorable and I love how affordable they are too. Might have to make a sneaky purchase this evening... x

    Always, Alice

    1. I was surprised at how affordable they all are! But then I suppose we're all used to Lush prices, and tbh I think things like these are actually really cheap to make lol. They're so cute though, deffo worth a purchase xo

  4. These are all so so cute, definitely going to have to buy myself some and have a pamper night!

    Just Little Things xo

    1. Deffo do, they'd be perfect for a little pamper sesh! xo

  5. I haven't used bomb cosmetics in agessss & you've picked up some really cute bits!


    1. Aw thank you! I don't think I'll need to buy any more in agessss! xo

  6. So tempted to make an order now! They all look so pretty, I'd never want to use them!

    Charlotte x

    1. Deffo do they're so nice! They look so pretty it'll be tough to actually use them haha xo

  7. Ooh these look nearly edible! So cute! It's unfortunate that they don't ship to Australia (unless I misunderstood something ahaha). Love the photos!

    -Sophie xx || www.cherriesandperfume.blogspot.com.au

    1. Especially the Ice Cream Queen!! Aw that's a pain! Thank you :-) xo

  8. I can't belive I would be saying this but I think these are cuter than lush! xo