Friday, 29 January 2016

A Peek Inside My Muji Drawers | #3

What's In My Muji Makeup Storage | #3

What's In My Muji Makeup Storage | #3

It's time to post about some of my favourite products in my Muji Makeup Drawers again, and this time I'm onto drawer three! If you want to read about drawers one and two you can catch up here and here

What's In My Muji Makeup Storage | Mac, Benefit, YSL, Tom Ford, Urban Decay, Chanel
Drawer Number Three

Tom Ford | Nude Dip Eyeshadow Quad

This palette is by far one of my most treasured items in my collection. I'd lusted after it for a while but never dreamed of buying it as Tom Ford makeup is so flipping expensive. So I was mega excited when my boyfriend surprised me with it as a graduation present (luckiest girl ever!). It has the prettiest shimmery neutral tones in it that go with everything. They feel like really lovely quality shades that are super pigmented and blend really well, but at that price you should probably expect so!

Chanel | Rose Tendre Lip Gloss
Chanel | Lipgloss, Rose Tendre

I went through a stage where I had a bit of a lipgloss obsession, and although I don't wear gloss as often anymore this is such a lovely one! It's a gorgeous milky pink shade that sits on the lips comfortably and doesn't feel really sticky!

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks | #1 Nude Beige & #7 Lingerie Pink
YSL | Rouge Volupte Lipsticks, #1 Nude Beige & #7 Lingerie Pink

The YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks quite possibly have the dreamiest packaging going, the gold tube is so luxurious and I love the YSL logo design in the centre which shows the colour of the lipstick. I have Nude Beige which is a beautiful nude shade with a hint of pink, and Lingerie Pink which is a soft, candy pink colour. These have amazing pigmentation and feel so creamy on the lips, but due to that they aren't the most long lasting.

Mac Paint Pots | Vintage Selection & Let's Skate
Mac | Paint Pots, Vintage Selection & Let's Skate

I have four Mac Paint Pots and I think they're a really lovely product (and I should probably use them more!) I know I've just featured them in my Six Mac Products You Need To Splurge On post, so I won't bore you about them again!

My post about the 4th drawer will be coming soon!


Sunday, 24 January 2016

How I Take & Edit My Instagram Photos

How I Take & Edit My Instagram Photos

If you are following me over on  Instagram, then you are probably well aware of how much of a total Instagram nerd I am, I love it. I love taking my own photos, editing them to look pretty and then sharing them, but also having a good old scroll down my feed and having a nosey at everyone else's photos too! I get asked fairly often how I edit my photos and with which apps etc. so I've put together a detailed post dedicated to the whole process, with any added extras too!

How I Take & Edit My Instagram Photos

I generally like to take my photos with more of a white background as it makes everything look lighter and brighter, and it helps to make the object of the image the focus of attention.

iPhone Camera
I take my photos using my iPhone 6 camera, I would love to have a proper camera but my makeup addiction basically makes me poor, oops. To take the photo I always use the actual camera app for the iPhone, instead of taking it in the Instagram app. It has a couple of features on it that some people may not have even realised about! If you tap on the image with your finger it will focus on the part that you have tapped, and then you can move your finger up and down to adjust the brightness of the image. I always do this as it makes the original image so much brighter already before I've even edited it! I'm also not afraid of taking multiple shots just so I know there's at least one good one, although this is how I end up having an absolute hoard of pictures on my phone of the exact same thing haha.

Afterlight | How I Take & Edit My Instagram Photos
Original photo | Exposure | Brightness

Afterlight | How I Take & Edit My Instagram Photos
Highlight Tone, Red | Mid Tone, Blue | Filter, Brook

If you've taken a good picture, it won't always need much editing, sometimes just a few small adjustments. To edit, I use the app Afterlight, which is my absolute favourite because not only does it have a range of really lovely, natural looking filters, but you can also play around with lots of different settings to create your own filter as such.

Starting with the original photo I adjust the Exposure and the Brightness. These are the most useful settings if you like nice bright, light photos.

I add a little bit of a Red Highlight Tone as I like it when my photos have a slight pink tone to them. I also pop on some Blue Mid Tone as I feel like it compliments the pink tones.

I haven't pictured here but I like to up the Saturation to make the colours brighter and more vivid and then if I feel like the photo is a bit too warm toned, I will turn the Temperature down a little. For me it's all about tiny adjustments, a little bit of each helps to create a more natural looking edit rather than shoving a whole load of each setting onto the picture, especially when it comes to filters.

I never put a 100% filter on my photos, I only pop a little on top as I've already adjusted the photo enough. My favourites to use though are Magnolia and Brook which give a nice light soft filter. Magnolia is more cream toned and Brook is more pink toned, I used to use Magnolia a lot but I find I'm using Brook all the time instead now. I usually put around 10 - 30 on.

I up the Sharpness a little bit so that the picture looks more focused and crisp and then I add a thin white frame to my picture and voila!

I don't always edit my photos in the exact same way, for example, sometimes the picture is particularly dark so I add more Brightness than usual. Or the picture is fairly warm toned already so I don't add much Red Highlight Tone or Saturation etc. I just do what I feel makes the picture look best.

Extras | How I Take & Edit My Instagram Photos
Bokeh | Sparkles

Now for the sparkly added extras! Sometimes I feel like a photo just needs a little something extra to make it complete. I use the app PicFx to add the little bokeh effect and Lenslight to add tiny sparkles to the photo. Repix is also a good one for adding little bokeh/bubbles!
I also like using VSCO purely because you can upload your photos to a grid (without publishing them) so you can see what your new picture will look like next to all your other Instagram photos.

What are your favourite editing apps for Instagram?


Thursday, 21 January 2016

L u s t L i s t

Lust List | Wishlist 2015 | Too Faced, Kate Spade, Kat Von D, Tarte, Topshop

1. Topshop | Pink Supersoft Tassle Scarf | £16
It's official that Winter has truly crept upon us in the UK with temperatures in the minus's, it's beyond chilly outside. Usually I don't wear scarfs as my hair is so long and thick, that with a scarf on top I'd look like a human marshmallow. But I spotted this beautiful pink scarf from Topshop and thought it would be perfect as it seems lightweight enough for me, but would still keep me warm during these super cold days.

2. Tarte | Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush | $28
I've had these blushes from Tarte on my wishlist for the longest time. I've heard so many good things about them and they're supposed to be super long wearing. I've been eyeing up Dollface which is a soft light pink and Exposed which is a lovely peachy nude.

3. Too Faced | Chocolate Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette | £39
I'd pretty much like to own every Too Faced palette in existence, but that's probably a bit far fetched (okay okay, definitely). Their newest eyeshadow addition is in the form of the Chocolate Bon Bons palette which is in the cutest baby pink packaging and has actual heart shaped eyeshadows. If there was ever a palette that was made for me, this is basically it.

4. Too Faced | Hangover Primer | £27
Another Too Faced product that I've been dying to try is their Hangover Primer which is infused with coconut water for radiant, hydrated skin yet it still keeps your makeup looking fresh and flawless all day. Plus the packaging is adorbs. I hate myself for saying adorbs.

5. Ariana Grande | Ari Perfume 50ml | £31
Cute perfume bottle alert! I absolutely adore Ariana's new perfume...and that's before I even smelt it. The pink glass bottle and white fluffy pom pom just scream c.u.t.e. The perfume itself is a sweet, fruity fragrance with notes of rose and marshmallow.

6. Too Faced | Mr Right Perfect Powder Brush | $36
I was given the original pink Powder Pouf Brush from Too Faced for Christmas (check out my What I Got For Christmas post here) and now they have released a Limited Edition Mr Right brush to match it. The baby blue design is gorgeous and if it's anything like the one I own (aka. softest brush ever) then it won't disappoint.

7. Royal Albert | Polka Blue Vintage Teacup & Saucer | £22
Here's the part where I sound like a granny...I'm obsessed with cute mugs! Now that wouldn't usually be much of a problem, except for the fact that I don't even drink tea or coffee, lord help me. Royal Albert is the definition of luxe chinaware and they have so many gorgeous, elegant designs. I especially love this floral baby blue, polka dot teacup & saucer and not to mention all of the Miranda Kerr collection!

8. Kate Spade | Cedar Street Maise Bag in Rose Jade | £268
Kate Spade is one of my favourite designer brands and I just love all of the cute handbags! I almost bought a similar baby pink bag from their Covent Garden store whilst it was in the sale, but decided against it and I'm so regretting that decision!

9. Kat Von D | Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks | $20
The makeup loving community has recently been obsessed with liquid lipsticks! The main brand I'd like to try a few from though is Kat Von D, as I've heard so many people rave about her Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. I'd especially like to try out the ever coveted Bow N Arrow which is a fawn nude and is basically always sold out, and also Requiem which is a soft lilac. If I ever took the plunge and ordered from Sephora, these would be on the list.

10. River Island | Light Blue Pom Pom Bag | £42
There's always at least one bag from River Island that I'm lusting after, and at the moment it's this gorgeous little light blue handbag with of course a cute pom pom attachment.

What are you lusting after?


Thursday, 14 January 2016

Six MAC Products You Need To Splurge On

Six MAC Products You Need To Splurge On

MAC is one of my all time favourite brands and I'm sure I share that opinion with practically the whole of the makeup loving community. As I own and have tried a fair few Mac products, it was only right to share with you six of those products that I believe you need to splurge right now.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish | Lightscapade, Soft & Gentle
Mineralize Skinfinish | Lightscapade, Soft & Gentle

If you've had a Mac Mineralize Skinfinish on your wishlist for the longest time, you should just take the plunge and get it because you will not regret it. I lusted after Soft & Gentle for what felt like forever and I'm so glad I bought it as it's super pigmented, and is the most beautiful light gold highlight, which gives you gorgeous glowy angel skin! Because I loved that one so much I also bought Lightscapade which has now become my all time favourite highlighter and I use it non-stop. It's much lighter in colour compared to Soft & Gentle, which I love as I have fair skin, and it has lovely pearly, candlelit effect. They are stunning.

Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter | Light Boost
Prep + Prime Highlighter | Light Boost

This one I know I've described before as 'beauty sleep in a bottle'. The shade I use is Light Boost which is perfect for adding light to the under-eye area and gets rid of any tell-tale signs you were up all night having a little Netflix binge (we've all been there). Not only does it disguise those pesky dark circles, but it's also great if you like to contour and highlight too. Popping a little down the bridge of the nose, centre of the chin, middle of the forehead, brow bone etc. works wonders!

MAC Blot Powder
Blot Powder 

Mac's Blot Powder is a product I've repurchased time and time again as it's an absolute must-have for me. I have fairly oily skin and it really is so good at getting rid of any excess shine. The main reason I love it though, is because it's used purely for blotting away shine and it doesn't add any coverage or colour, so there's no chance of it making your face go cakey no matter how much you use! I keep this one in my handbag and I use it without fail every day for makeup touch ups!

MAC Creme Cup Lipstick
Lipstick | Creme Cup

Out of all the makeup products Mac sell, their lipstick has to be my all time favourite (and most likely everyone else's too!). If you haven't tried anything from Mac before, one of their lipsticks is definitely a safe bet as they have so many different colours and finishes that you're bound to find something you will love. My personal favourite is Creme Cup which is a beautiful creamy nude pink shade and also happened to be my first ever Mac product!

MAC Paint Pots | Let's Skate & Vintage Selection
Paint Pots | Vintage Selection & Let's Skate 

The Paint Pots are also brilliant if you like cream eyeshadows. They're great if you want to use them as a base for other eyeshadows or if you want a quick, no fuss makeup look as they are really easy to use. I apply them with my fingers and blend them out slightly with a 217 brush from Mac, so you don't have to be a pro to use them. Painterly and Soft Ochre are lovely 'base' shades that prime and create a canvas for your eyeshadow. My favourite shade is Vintage Selection which is a gorgeous shimmery light bronze shade! 

MAC Lip Liners | Stripdown, Whirl, Soar, Dervish, Subculture
Lip Liners | Stripdown, Whirl, Soar, Dervish & Subculture

A particularly wishlist worthy item is of course their Lip Liners! The formula is brilliant as the aren't too dry that it's difficult to apply the product, yet not too creamy that they don't last long. They have so many lovely shades, but I especially have a little obsession with all of their neutral colours! Subculture, Soar and Dervish are makeup bag essentials. 

Which MAC products would you recommend?


Sunday, 10 January 2016

A Peek Inside My Muji Drawers | #2

What's In My Muji Makeup Drawers #2

Muji Makeup Drawers
The next installment of my Muji Drawer posts! Just in case you might've missed my first post all about drawer number one, you can read it here if you wish! As I've previously said, I'm just going to show a few of my favourite items from each drawer, although in the case of this drawer it kind of happens to be almost all of them...

Muji Makeup Drawers
Drawer Number Two

Muji Makeup Drawers | Dior Lip Glow
Dior | Lip Glow

This little beaut is one of my favourite lip balms as it feels so lovely and creamy on the lips and is really moisturising. I love using this one when I only want to wear lip balm but still fancy a bit of colour as it enhances the natural shade of your lips and adds a nice pink tone (something to do with the PH levels of your lips!)

Muji Makeup Drawers | Etude House Highlighter
Etude House | Highlighter

Etude House killed me with the little heart print that's dotted all over this highlighter, it's beautiful! The highlight itself is a lovely pink toned shade which gives a gorgeous but fairly subtle glow.

Muji Makeup Drawers | Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette
Hourglass | Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

My Hourglass Blush Palette was a risky purchase considering the eyewatering price, but I'm so glad I bought it whilst it was still available as the quailty is amazing. They blend into the skin so seamlessly, giving a really smoothed out effect and they last all day! The blushers are mixed with the Ambient Lighting Powders which add a really subtle soft focus glow, and are great if you aren't a fan of super shimmery blush or if you prefer to add you own highlight over the top which I like to do.

Muji Makeup Drawers | Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Fantasme
Chanel | Illusion D'Ombre, Fantasme

Unfortunately, no photo I seem to take of this Chanel Cream Eyeshadow quite captures how utterly stunning it is in real life. It's basically a silver glitter and looks so beautiful and sparkly when you pop it over the top of your finished eyeshadow look. It literally adds the finishing touches and I just wish I could show you how glittery and pretty it really is.

Muji Makeup Drawers | Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette
Too Faced | Natural Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

My favourite eyeshadow palette of all time! Quite a bold statement for a makeup lover, but it's true. I've gotten so much use out of this palette and I've created so many different looks as well as it's so versatile. I love the quality of the shadows, they are super pigmented and easy to blend and I actually use every single shade in the palette, which is pretty unheard of as there's usually at least a few duds in a palette that you never wear! Silk Teddy is really similar to Urban Decay Sin which is a fave of mine and is a really beautiful all over lid shade or inner corner highlight.

Muji Makeup Drawers | MAC Giambattista Valli Lipstick Bianca B
Mac | Giambattista Valli Lipstick, Bianca B

One of my favourite lipsticks I own...that I never actually wear! Yep, I'll hold my hands up and say that I just couldn't resist a limited edition Mac lipstick in baby pink packaging, talk about heart eyes! I never wear it because of two reasons; one, because I'm pretty scared to ruin it, considering it was an expensive and limited edition product (I'm lame, I know) and two because as pretty as the packaging is, the lipstick itself is a rather unwearable pale pink shade. Although I guess it's one you could mix with others or use to create an ombre lip! 

Keep a lookout for my next Muji Drawer post, which will be coming soon!


Monday, 4 January 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2015 | Too Faced, Jo Malone, Ysl, Thomas Sabo, The White Company
Happy New Year you lovely lot! I hope you've all had a wonderful time over the festive season and aren't feeling too gutted that it's all over (I'm sure the Easter Eggs will be hitting the shops in no time...). I thought I'd show you some of the gorgeous gifts I've received this Christmas as I must admit, I love reading these types of posts as they just bring out the nosey parker in me and I love seeing what everyone got treated with! I've been spoilt rotten this year and I'm so lucky and grateful for everything I've received! Get ready to see a lot of pink, pink and more pink...

YSL Nail Lacquer | Rose Romantique
YSL | Rose Romantique Nail Polish
Me and my sisters always do secret santa each year instead of buying individual gifts as there are four of us, and it's more exciting that way (even though we all just have to find out who's got who long before Christmas). My little sis bought me the YSL nail polish I'd been lusting after in the shade Rose Romantique. It's such a pretty manicure pink shade and the gold YSL packaging is so luxurious.

The White Company | Pink Cashmere Socks & Yankee Candle | Snowflake Cookie
The White Company | Pink Cashmere Socks
It's not Christmas without receiving a brand new pair of fluffy winter socks, and this year my boyfriend got me some pink cashmere socks from The White Company. If there was such a thing as *sock goals*, these would be it! They are probably the cosiest, prettiest socks ever, and not to mention the most expensive I've ever had! I'm kinda scared that my sexy monster munch feet will ruin them.

Yankee Candle | Snowflake Cookie
My Mum likes to get me and my sisters a Yankee Candle each year for Christmas (and we don't let her forget the time she thought they were called wanky candles either..awks). She chose Snowflake Cookie for me which has a sugary sweet icing scent!

Jo Malone | English Pear & Freesia Candle
Jo Malone | English Pear & Freesia Candle
I got a Jo Malone Candle from my boyfriend because he must think I'm the president of the Jo Malone fan club the amount I rave about the brand! He bought me the English Pear & Freesia candle which is a scent he chose himself as he said it smelt the most like 'me' haha. It's a really lovely, light floral scent which does smell a lot like the kind of perfumes I go for (mainly Chloe) and it will be perfect for Spring, which I'm praying will arrive pretty sharpish!

Thomas Sabo | Pearl Bow Charm
Thomas Sabo | Pearl Bow Charm
My Mum had previously bought me my pearl charm bracelet from Thomas Sabo as a graduation present and I literally wear it everyday with a cute little silver heart charm. So for Christmas she wanted to get me a new charm so that I could swap them around if I wanted to. She got me a delicate little pearl with a bow around it and it's literally the prettiest! 

Too Faced | Soul Mates Bronzer & Powder Pouf Brush
Too Faced | Soul Mates Bronzer
My boyfriend knows that Too Faced is one of my favourite brands ever. I'd probably made that obvious to him a little while ago when I realised a new Too Faced counter had appeared in my local Debenhams and I basically screeched and ran over to it (no, I didn't play it cool..). He chose the Soul Mates Bronzer in the shade Ross and Rachel which is a gorgeous glowy bronzer with a pretty pink blush in the middle. Plus it's heart shaped so of course I was gonna be obsessed with it.

Too Faced | Powder Pouf Brush
He also got me the cutest little powder brush complete with pink handle and a cute little bow. It is made with an exclusive, luxurious fiber nicknamed Teddy Bear Hair, and it literally is the softest brush ever!

Ted Baker | Kassady Purse
Ted Baker | Kassady Purse
I've never owned a designer purse ever, so I was so pleased and grateful to receive this gorgeous patent pink purse from Ted Baker as a gift from my boyfriend. I love the rose gold detailing and sparkly crystals on the clasp and it has a really pretty black and white floral design on the inside!

Thomas Sabo | Glam & Soul Ring
Thomas Sabo | Glam & Soul Ring
My boyfriend also spoilt me with this gorgeous ring that I've had my eye on for so long, if you've been reading my blog for a while you maaay even remember it was in my Christmas Gift Guide from two years ago! It's a rose gold plated ring with a rose quartz gem that has a halo of little crystals surrounding it. It's so perfect and is definitely my favourite present!

GHD | Vintage Pink Platinum Stylers
I'm so excited that I've finally got a GHD upgrade! My old pair of straighteners were so ancient that they felt like they were practically tearing my hair out whenever I used them! I did actually hint to my Mum when I'd found out about these Vintage Pink stylers, because baby pink straighteners were definitely something I needed in my life! I've already used them lots and they glide through my hair and leave it feeling really silky and sleek, plus they create lovely curls too. Good hair days come at me.

What did you get for Christmas?

If you've done a similar post to this, link me to it in the comments as I'd love to have a little read of it!