Monday, 7 December 2015

Winter Wonders

Winter is officially in full swing, so I thought it was about time I shared some of my favourite products during these chilly (and seriously drizzly) Winter months!

The White Company | Winter Candle

After my beloved Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir candle ran out (sob), I took to The White Company to find a similar Wintery scented replacement. The White Company do actually sell a candle called Pomegranate which smells almost exactly the same as the Jo Malone version (except for half the price!) and whilst I was tempted to get that one, I decided on the Winter candle instead. It has notes of cinnamon, clove and fresh orange which smells gorgeous like you've just stepped into a Christmas log cabin! It has just the right amount of spice and is really warming - perfect for Winter time!

Guerlain | Snowflake Meteorites

Probably the most Wintery themed makeup product ever? The star product from Guerlain's holiday collection has to be the Flocons Enchantes Meteorites, which is lots of gorgeous shimmery pearls and handcrafted pearls shaped into little star/snowflake shapes and all packaged into a little snowglobe - adorable. I have already featured them on my blog but something as pretty as these just have to be featured again. (Full review here.) 

Jurlique | Rose Hand Cream

I was lucky enough to be gifted lots of lovely things from Jurlique a month or so ago, and one product I've especially been loving is the Rose Hand Cream. I don't often use or need hand cream during the summer months, but when it comes to Winter time a good hand cream can become an essential! This one feels lovely and silky and soaks in quickly, plus the rose scent smells divine.

YSL | Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick | #10 Beige Tribute

When it comes to lip products, I definitely steer more towards all the nude shades, especially during Winter time. My favourite at the moment is Beige Tribute from YSL which is a lovely beige nude with a hint of cool toned pink. It's really wearable and classy, like a grown up nude shade! (Full review here.)

What are your Winter faves?



  1. That YSL lipstick is so so nice!! I love them Flocons Enchantes Meteorites I have never seen anything like them! Xx

    1. The Guerlain Snowflake meteorites are just gorgeous! So glad I got my hands on them xo

  2. Powder looks nice! I love shimmery powders!

  3. The Guerlain Snowflake meteorites are ridiculously cute! I'd be tempted never to use it and just leave it on my desk open"

    1. Haha not gonna lie I'm pretty tempted to do that myself! But they cost enough so I kind of feel obliged to use them! xo

  4. Those snowflake meteorites are adorable, the lipstick too is so pretty. lovely pictures hun x

    Zoe Mountford x

  5. The snowflake meterorites are so pretty!

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  6. Such gorgeous product shots! So wintry :-)