Friday, 28 August 2015

Pretty Little Purchases

As you may be able to tell I've been on a bit of a shopping spree and as everything I bought seemed to have a pretty pink theme, I thought I'd make a cute little blog post out of it all and show you!

Trinket Jar Candle - The Range | Pink and White Roses - The Range
White Rose Petals - The Range | Mini Vase - Homesense

I popped into The Range with no intention of buying anything, but the wedding aisle just gets me every time as it's filled with so many cute floral girly items that just match perfectly with my bedroom. I picked up some white and pink roses which I think still look pretty decent despite being false, and I also got some white rose petals to sprinkle in the bottom of the vase to hide the plastic stems, which would probably have given my fake roses game away. I bought a mini vase for them to go in from Homesense and it's actually supposed to be a drinking glass, but I thought it was the perfect size for the flowers. I also spotted this beautiful candle that looks like a little trinket jar and I will definitely be keeping it to store bits and bobs in once I have burnt it!

The Vintage Cosmetic Company, Slanted Tweezers - Homesense

I always go to the beauty isle in Homesense/TKmaxx like a right little scavenger, keeping my eyes open for any bargains and brands that I might recognise. I found these cute baby pink tweezers from The Vintage Cosmetic Company which were only £2.99 from £8 so I couldn't resist (and the floral packaging is beaut!)

Mallow Tree, Marshmallows - Homesense

I had to have a little laugh at myself with my boyfriend once I'd got back home, because I always end up frittering my money on some of the most pointless things, for instance these white and blue fluffy cloud shaped marshmallows! I saw these marshmallows packages on the checkout aisle (aka. the danger zone) and I couldn't leave them there as they were both so adorable, so with little time left I panicked and dropped them into my basket. So pointless, but so so cute.

Just Pink, Perfume - Next - Link

Next have just upped their packaging game with their re-branding of the Just Pink perfume and it is just me all over! My favourite ever perfume is by Chloe, and you can tell that this is where they found their inspiration for the beautiful ridged bottle with gold detailing, which is complete with a pretty pink ribbon. It smells really floral and fresh and if you love Chloe then you will love this one too. Plus it's only £12 for 100ml so you can't go wrong.

Bunny Rabbit Pyjamas - Next - Link

There is something about brand new, fresh pyjamas that I just love, it gives me the same feeling of getting into a freshly made bed and you just feel so cosy and clean. I spotted this pyjama shorts set with little bunnies dotted all over them and my heart just melted. I swear I am actually 22 and not 5 years old! They were only £14 too, which I thought was a really good price for Next.

Floppy Hat with Cut Out Hearts - Asos | Pink City Bag - Asos

I've seen these floppy hats around for a little while and thought they looked amazing on everyone but would probably be something I could never pull off. However I spotted this one on Asos that had little cut out hearts around the rim and decided to take the plunge (even if I only dare to wear it when I'm on holiday!) I decorated it myself with a pink silky ribbon, but I've just recently bought a tiny white flower garland that I'm going to replace it with.

I also bought this lovely pink bag from Asos which is exactly what I was looking for. It's not too small that you can't cram all your junk in it (how do men fit all their things into their pockets btw?!) but also not too big that it makes your arm ache, but even so it also comes with an adjustable strap so you can carry it on your shoulder instead if you want to. It cost me around £25 which I think is a total bargain and I'm so so happy with the quality and colour of it!

Creme Cup Lipstick - Mac

It's tough going into town and trying to avoid the Mac store! I was in need of a new Creme Cup lipstick and my boyfriend treated me to my third tube of it (along with a back-up of my Prep + Prime Highlighter and a new 217 brush). It's the prettiest, milky pink shade that look so wearable and lovely on everyone.

What do you think of my purchases?


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Crown Brush | Review

Pro Contour, Angled Blush, Mac 217, Duo Fibre, Essie Nail Polish, Jo Malone Red Roses Perfumes, Sali Hughes Pretty Honest, Tom Ford Nude Dip

Blending fluff eyeshadow brush, duo fibre face, pro contour, angled blush

When it comes to makeup application, I believe that tools and brushes of good quality can make the absolute world of difference. You could be the most highly skilled makeup artist ever but without the right tools it's just not going to look the same.  It's like the difference between an artist painting with his fingers or with paint brushes, the outcome is going to be entirely different. I remember when I first splurged on my first Mac eyeshadow brush (217 of course) and I was wowed at how much easier and better it was as opposed to my cheap, tattered ones I'd being using from Superdrug (those were the days).

I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of brushes from Crown Brush for me to try out and I've heard lots about the brand in the blogging community so I thought I'd pop up my thoughts about them!

makeuo brush
C473 | Pro Contour* | £9.99

As the 'contour and highlight' technique seems to be growing more popular by the day, it's great that more brands are producing brushes so that we can contour to our hearts delight. The shape of this one fits great in the hollows of the cheek which makes for really precise contour application so that you can get those sculpted, amazing cheekbones.

The only other brush I've seen this sort of shape is the Real Techniques Bold Metals Flat Contour Brush, which although I loved it to begin with, I eventually found it to be too dense to apply my contour with as not only was it difficult to blend the product out with, but I found it also seemed to remove the foundation underneath as well which was a bit of a pain. This Crown Brush version however, is much less dense and a bit fluffier, so it's great at blending the product out too, and is also a fraction of the price compared to the Real Techniques version.

Makeup brush
C405 | Contour Blush* | £8.29

This brush is probably my favourite of the bunch. I recently bought the Zoeva Rose Golden Set which comes with a brush almost identical to this one and I adore it, so when I spotted this Crown Brush version my eyes lit up. I love that it is angled so that the product applies slightly heavier at the shorter more denser side and a bit lighter towards to longer fluffier side. I love using it along my cheeks with my contour as it create a bit more definition in the hollows of my cheeks and blends softly upwards onto my cheeks (if that makes any kind of sense...). I love using it for blush too! I do still have a big soft spot for my Zoeva version which is slightly softer, but at the price you're paying for the Crown Brush you just can't go wrong!

makeup brush
C404 | Small Duo Fibre Face Brush* | £7.69

This one was unnamed (and also oddly unbranded too) but I'm taking a guess that this is the right name for it! As it is duo fibre it is made of both natural and synthetic fibres and it looks a bit similar to a stippling style of brush. I think this one would be great for blending in cream products in particular cream blush as it's the perfect shape for it!

Makeup eyeshadow brush
C433 | Pro Blending Fluff* | £6.09

This one was also unnamed on the handle but from having a little browse on the website I'm pretty sure that this is the correct name for it and it is actually one of their best sellers. It's perfect for applying eyeshadow and also blending it out. It looks really similar in shape to the Mac 217 eyeshadow brush and it's actually a pretty decent dupe for it. I will say it's not quite as good or as soft as the Mac version, but if you're looking for an affordable brush that does the job then it's perfect!

Makeup eyeshadow brush
C441 | Blending Crease*

I couldn't seem to find this one on the website so I'm not really sure of the price but judging by the prices of the rest of the brushes it's definitely going to fall in between the £5-£10 mark (bargain). This was the only one I was slightly disappointed with and that's not really to do with the shape/quality of the brush itself but more the fact that I think I got a bit of a dud. There seems to be a patch on the side of the brush where there is a chunk of glue and some hairs missing, so I haven't been able to get much use out of it. It's unfortunate as I think this one would've made a great fluffy eyeshadow brush!

Overall I think that Crown Brush is definitely worth a try, especially if you're on a budget and looking for more purse friendly options!

What do you think?


*PR Sample

Friday, 21 August 2015

Daniel Wellington | Classic Sheffield Lady Rose Gold Watch

Best blogger mail ever? Yup. I was recently contacted by the team at Daniel Wellington and asked if I'd like to receive one of their beautiful watches, which I was pretty thrilled about as I'd been lusting after their watches since forever.

I chose the Classic Sheffield Lady watch which has a trendy, large round dial with beautiful rose gold casing around it and a clean, eggshell white clock face. The Sheffield edition has a black leather strap which looks really classy and sleek. It's minimalistic but really beautiful and it's that type of watch that you can wear casually or dress it up, and I personally think it really smartens up any outfit!

I love the fact that it's fairly simple looking which makes it really easy to catch a quick glance of the time, as there's not too much going on. I think I sometimes forget that the actual purpose of  a watch is to obviously tell the time, other than being just a pretty accessory, which this one certainly is anyway. It's modern but also such a timeless watch, so you won't have to worry about it going out of style any time soon.

I only own two other watches, both from the brand Olivia Burton, which I absolutely adore but they are both very girly and delicate so I think that this Daniel Wellington piece will make for a stunning addition to my collection. It's perfect for when I want to opt for something a little smarter and more classy.

If you were thinking about purchasing one, enter the code 'prettylittle-beautyblog' to get a 15% off discount!

What do you think of Daniel Wellington Watches?


*PR Sample

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Lush Haul | New Releases 2015

Pink flamingo, milky bath, rose jam, the comforter shower cream, bubblegum lip scrub, the experimenter bath bomb, bubbleroon, bubble bar

So Lush releases new products and guess what?! I went mad for it obviously (along with the rest of the beauty blogging community). I don't know what it is about new releases from Lush that just makes me want to purchase everything and throw it all in my bath at once (probably not the best idea but you get my drift).

New releases, Bubble bar, Bubbleroon

Milky Bath | Bubble Bar

I'm obssesed with those little sweets shaped like milk bottles, as not only do the taste amazing but they smell just as good too and this milk bottle shaped bubble bar smells just like them! It's supposed to be soothing and softening and it even has a little sparkly cocoa butter bottle top to it for extra softness.

Rose Jam | Bubbleroon

This one has to be my favourite scent of the lot, it literally smells like sweet strawberry jam with a floral hint to it, so so yummy. It contains white coconut oil and shea butter to soften and condition along with rose oil and lemon oil to balance, uplift and refresh. Plus it's pink and sparkly so you can't really refuse can you...

New releases, reusable bubble bar, bath bomb

Pink Flamingo | Reusable Bubble Bar

This cute little pink flamingo smells fresh and fruity and is inspired by cocktails! You simply give it a swirl under a running bath tap to release lots of fragrant bubbles and I love the fact you can reuse this one!

The Experimenter | Bath Bomb

I absolutely love the bath bombs that make amazing swirly rainbow colours in my bath and I picked this one up because I have a feeling it's going to be one of those guys, due to the fact it's made up of so many vibrant colours! It smells like creamy vanilla but also has those warm spices in it that you'd expect near Christmas time which is perfect as the weather is gradually getting colder (was it even warm?).

New releases, shower cream

BubbleGum | Lip Scrub

Now I know that this one isn't a new release as I've purchased it before a few years ago. I love using it before I apply my lipstick to scrub away any dry parts to make sure my lip are super soft so that I get a really smooth lipstick application! I've tried the Popcorn lip scrub too but the Bubblegum version is by far my favourite, it smells amazing and tastes like candy floss!

The Comforter | Shower Cream

I'm a big fan of Lush shower gels, especially when they are sweet scented and just delicious! I couldn't resist this one as it was bright pink and pink things just seem to scream *buy me!*. Plus you can't say no when it's described as a 'cuddle in a bottle' now can you!

I could've sworn I also picked up the Frozen bath bomb too but I have no idea where it went (sob).

What do you think of Lush's new releases?


Monday, 3 August 2015

H&M Homeware Wishlist

Ever since H&M decided to release a homeware section, bloggers have gone mad for it! Unfortunately for me I can't seem to find the homeware items in any H&M stores near me, so I've had to resort to lusting after everything online instead (weeps). If you piled every H&M home items into a house then you'd pretty much have every bloggers dream home.

1. Light Pink Linen Cushion Cover | £12.99
I adore the frills around the edges of this cushion, it's simple but girly at the same time and will match with lots of different duvet covers! It's also available in lots of different soft colours, so you can mix and match if you want to.

2. Ceramic Plate | £6.99
I think every beauty blogger on earth seems to own these cute little marble trays, they seem perfect for storing little items in like your everyday jewellery, hair ties and pins etc. Plus you can't deny they look great in an instagram pic (even if it is a little overdone).

3. Ceramic Mug | £4.99
Another marble addition, this one is supposed to be a mug but with no handle...not sure how that works but I think this would be so nice as a makeup brush holder!

4. Light Pink Small Porcelain Bowl | £4.99 
I love this baby pink bowl that has a beautiful gold coloured rim, so pretty you'll want to eat out of it 24/7...

5. Linen Textile Bag | £6.99
This little bag has adorable frills and a drawstring closure, perfect for keeping odd bits in and you could hook it at the end of your bed or behind the back of your door.

6. Hooded Blanket | £14.99
It's a white hooded blanket with friggin bunny ears!!! They also do darker colours with little bear ears too, although I can't quite work out how big they are, I'm pretty sure they are kiddy size and not meant for adults but they are soooo adorable!

7. Shower Towel | £12.99
A cute pink towel with a lip print all over it? I'll take it.

8. Ceramic Box | £6.99
This little ceramic container looks like some sort of ice cream, cupcake hybrid and is so so cute. It would be such a lovely sugar container or you could even use it to store mini marshmallows!

9. Light Pink Glass Candlestick | £6.99
These pretty pink candlesticks will add a touch of girlyness to your home, I love the frosted glass effect to them, so unique!

10. Light Pink Candle | £4.99
Who cares about the actual candle when it's in the cutest holder ever! It would look so nice on your dressing table next to all your makeup items!

11. Light Pink Cake Stand | £4.99
You can't say no to a cake stand when it has a cute little scalloped rim and cut out details! Obviously it would look adorable for displaying cupcakes but would also look pretty as a stand in your bedroom to display perfume or nail poilsh!

12. 3-Pack Storage Boxes | £14.99
These cardboard storage boxes are made to look like fairytale books that have beautiful gold print detailing and fasten with a pretty ribbon. Titled 'Once Upon A Time', 'Magic Fairytale' and 'Under The Stars', they are definitely a super girly and pretty way of storing your bits and bobs!

What do you think of H&M homeware?