Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How To | Super Easy Faux Fishtail Braid

If you find fishtail braids (or braids in general) tricky to master, then this is the one for you as you simply cannot go wrong with it and it looks so similar to a normal fishtail braid! All you will need is some clear elastic bands and a little bit of patience.

1. Start off by tying your hair into a side ponytail and if you would like sections around the front of your face to be loose then pull them out now. Take two small sections of hair from the back of the ponytail and bring them around to the front.

2. Tie the two sections together with a clear elastic and then push it up and through the hole above which will create a twisted effect. 

3. Tie another two sections from the back together and twist them up through again. This is what it looks like with two sections completed.

4. Continue to do this and it should begin to look something like this. Carry on all the way down your hair until you run out of sections.

5. When you reach the end, gently pull at the sides of the braid to loosen it and make it look a lot fuller. I love that with this braid you can make it as big as you want without having to worry that it will all fall apart like a regular braid might, as it's all secure and tied together!

And the selfie is optional...

What do you think? I think it's so simple and easy, let me know if you try it!


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Outfit Wishlist | May

I realised I haven't done an outfit wishlist in a little while so I thought I'd put one together as there were a few things I'd been majorly lusting after - especially those devastatingly beaut Miu Miu sunglasses, and don't even get me started on the adorable pink velvet case they come in. As much as I love creating these kind of posts, they are so terrible for making me want to spend my entire months wages in one go before I've even worked for them. (Send for help the Miu Miu's are calling...)

Top Row L-R
Topshop - Fringe Embellished Crop Top - £45
Olivia Burton - Parlour Camel & Gold Watch - £70
Miss Selfridge - Blush Jacquard Top - £35
River Island - Plain Black Leather Backpack - £55
Miss Selfridge - Cotton Trim Bra Top - £18

Middle Row L-R
Topshop - Moto Embroidered Mom Shorts - £32
Miss Selfridge - Blush Jacquard Skirt - £45

Bottom Row L-R
Topshop - Oracle Peep Toe Flats - £30
Miu Miu - Tortoise Shell Sunglasses - £176.50
Topshop - Trance T-Bar Sandals - £30

Which item is your favourite?


Friday, 8 May 2015

My Favourite Instagram Accounts ♥

Anyone who follows me over on my Instagram,, will know how much I love it as I'm on there basically every day (cool kid over here). So for this post I thought it was about time I shared some Instagram love and showed you the accounts you need to be following. Like, right now.

I adore Millie's wardrobe of gorgeous 1950's style floral dresses, Vivienne Westwood heels and Mulberry bags and her summer, country wedding looked so so beautiful!

Lauren's account is the absolute perfect mix of beauty, baking and pretty, chic outfits. Her cocktails and cupcakes always look so incredible and to be honest I think she needs to become my personal chef..

Becky's Instagram is basically what the heart eyed emoji was made for and I am ever so slightly jealous (okay majorly jealous) of her beautiful home filled with stunning white, shabby chic furniture. Every beauty bloggers dream!

Jade's Instagram is utter girly perfection. Her closet is quite literally a pastel pink heaven and she looks like an actual life size doll!

Kim's makeup collection is completely drool worthy and her designer bags kinda make me wanna cry with envy. (If I can't own it, at least I can like it on Instagram, right?!..)

I love love love Grace's account and her gorgeous braided locks! If only I could pull off a red lip like she can - total babe.

Who are your favourites?


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Lily Rose Co. | Haul & Review

As you may or may not be aware the company Gifts & Pieces, who stock everything from cute homeware to flamingo candles to adorable party accessories, recently rebranded to Lily Rose Co. and to celebrate their name change they were offering 20% off for one day!  I just couldn't help myself but buy a few things and I loved everything I purchased so much that I decided it needed its own little blogpost!

I was really tempted to buy this bowl in pastel pink but decided on the sky blue as everything else I'd bought was also pink and I didn't want to go too overboard. They have a whole  range of beautiful bowls, plates, mugs & saucers in this 'It's Always Tea Time' collection, each with gorgeous embossed detailing on it.

I've had my eye on this mug for a while and I'm so pleased I bought it as I adore the pink and gold scallop detailing, major heart eyes! It's almost too pretty to use, I think it would look lovely sat on your dressing table with some of your prettiest makeup brushes stored in it!

Apparently I just need all the cute mugs ever! I've only pictured one of these as I couldn't resist but use the other straight away.

I don't even eat boiled eggs that often but my heart just melted when I spotted the sweetest little egg cups to match the mugs, that I decided I needed to eat out of them right that instant and had to purchase them!

I just know my dad is going to appreciate eating and drinking out of the girliest kitchenware sooo much :) (sorry not sorry). Most of it came packaged in the prettiest pastel pink boxes that I am definitely going have to keep and find some use for, I'm thinking nail polishes!

What do you think?