Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Topshop Wishlist #1

I'm sure this post will be one of many to come, but there's so many lovely things on Topshop at the moment that I thought would all go perfectly together as a little outfit post. It's a shame I'm not rich 'cos I think I'd have a pretty decent wardrobe if I were haha.

Outfit 1.
Leather Buckled Ankle Boots - £80
I found some Ebay dupes for the Boots here that are only £19.99!

Outfit 2.

Outfit 3.
Ballerinas - £16

Outfit 4.

Outfit 5.

P.S. I'm aware that the Whistles clutch isn't from Topshop but forgive me, I just had to sneak it in! 
Would you wear any of these?

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Mac Empties & Haul

Before I get into this post I need your help! I'm undecided as to whether I should change my url to just Pretty Little instead of Pretty Little Beauty Blog as I feel like the latter is slightly too long, what do you think? Hmm.

Anyway, on with the post! If you didn't know, Mac run a scheme where you can hand in six empty Mac items into the store and in exchange you get to choose a free lipstick. How generous! You probably already know but I thought I'd recap just in case you didn't! As I had quite a little collection of empty products building up, I thought now was a better time than any to add yet another Mac lipstick to my stash.

I took in two empty bottles of Studio Fix Fluid, which is my favourite foundation as it's got really great coverage and is really long wearing! I also handed over an empty Blot Powder compact which is just the best for oily skin, it gets rid of any unwanted shine and doesn't add any colour or coverage so no matter how much you apply it won't go cakey! Lastly I gave in two Prep + Prime highlighters in Light Boost and the remains of my old Pure Zen lipstick, both of which I spoke about in my 2014 Favourites here if you'd like to read more!

I chose to get Patisserie as my free lipstick which is a really pretty natural pink shade, what a shock another neutral lipstick! I swear I have an absolute ton of the same lipstick colour that only I could tell the difference between haha, I can't help it okay. I did question whether I should get something bright like Ruby Woo or Show Orchid, but I'd probably only use them once in a blue moon so at least with a nude lipstick I know I'm going to get lots of use out of it! Whilst I was there I also purchased another Blot Powder, my third to be exact, would've been rude not to wouldn't it!

What are your favourite Mac products?


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Liner in Pillow Talk

Now it's no word of a lie that I like lip products, (seriously, I even had a dream that my precious Mac lipsticks had melted everywhere and I was rather distraught about it...well I never said I was cool did I!). So it won't come as a huge surprise that I'm gonna throw another lip related post your way, in the form of the beautiful Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk.

Lip liner is something that I will never go a day without wearing, whether it's underneath a lipstick or just by itself and Pillow Talk is one of my favourite lip liners that I own! It's a really pretty dusky pink shade which is natural looking in the most polished and perfected way. It really enhances the lips, making them look much fuller and more even. It's super pigmented and the texture is like no other with it's velvety, matte formula that glides on smoothly and doesn't drag on the lips when you apply it. It doesn't feather or smudge and it lasts an age on the lips, which also makes it great as a base for prolonging the wear of your lipstick!

I've had Pillow Talk for a little while now which means, yes, I did commit the blogger crime of using it before I photographed it in it's shiny new state, so you do get a little more product than pictured here, oops can I live? I bought mine here for £16, the next Lip Cheat I've got my eye on is Iconic Nude!

What's on your Charlotte Tilbury wishlist?


Saturday, 10 January 2015

Real Techniques Bold Metals: 301 Flat Contour Brush

As soon as the girls at Pixiwoo revealed their Bold Metals collection, a new set of premium brushes from Real Techniques, I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. There are seven different brushes which come in beautiful gold, silver and rose gold packaging and are made with ultra high grade synthetic bristles, which are hand tied and glued for shed resistance. They are also weighted so that they sit better in your hand and make it much easier for you to do your makeup. Sounds promising!

However along with all of this of course comes a pretty steep price tag too, and the entire collection will set you back £130.. eek. It's a good job they came out whilst my student loan was still fresh I’ll tell you haha. I let myself purchase one of them and the one that caught my eye the most was the 301 Flat Contour Brush.

I don’t own any brushes like this one which is essentially why I convinced myself I needed it. The only other brush I know of to rival it, is the Nars Ita brush which has now gone up to an extortionate £43 (?!) in the UK, so at least I don’t feel quite as bad about parting ways with £22 for this one.

The brushes have sparked quite a debate about whether they are worth their price tag, but I personally love mine and it is definitely high quality! It genuinely feels so soft and it's super simple to get flawless, defined features with it. The shape of the brush fits perfectly in the hollows of the cheeks and works nicely on other parts of the face too, like the nose, which I usually find quite tricky to contour. It's really easy to blend the product out with it and it gives you a much more precise and perfected look. I've pictured it next to my Nars Laguna bronzer which I daren’t open and show you because I've hit pan on it so bad that it actually hurts my heart a little *weeps*. I do however have a full review here if you’d like to see it back in its former glory.

What do you think of the Bold Metals collection? Will you be purchasing any?


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Nars Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

After having Nars Pro-Prime eyeshadow base on my wishlist for quite some time, I was so excited to receive it as a gift for Christmas. I love wearing eyeshadow but if I don't wear a primer then it will just crease and fade by the end of the day. Most primers I have used have prolonged the wear time of my eyeshadow a little but eventually end up creasing, dare I say even the cult Urban Decay Primer Potion! So considering the hype around it, I had high hopes for this little Nars offering.

At first I was a bit apprehensive as to whether it would live up to the hype or not, but this stuff is a little miracle product! I apply it by popping a small amount onto my lids before eyeshadow and blend it in with my finger and it doesn't feel sticky or greasy at all. When I use it my eyeshadow genuinely does not budge all day, I even had my makeup on for 14 hours one day and my eyeshadow still looked perfect by the end of it! 

I can't believe I didn't purchase it sooner, it's incredible and I doubt I'll use anything else now!


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Makeup and Beauty Haulin'

Happy New Year! Boy did 2014 fly by. I would love to tell you that I am now nursing a hangover from a crazy, cocktail infused night out, but in all honesty I'm not that big a fan of New Years Eve and have always found it to be somewhat of a disappointment! So this year I opted for a less than wild night in with my friend, instead of spending all my money on an impending crap night out, money which could of course be spent fueling my makeup addiction, am I right?!

I thought I'd share a few new things to my collection, because I personally love to read these kinds of posts! Nars Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and Balmain Eau D'Ivoire were kindly given to me by Santa (aka. Mother Hen). The perfume is a gorgeous and delicate floral scent, along a similar vein to Chloe, my all time favourite! I'll be reviewing the Nars eyeshadow primer as soon as possible because it is amazing!

The Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Eyeshadow palette and Clarins Instant Concealer were both bought on Escentual whilst they were doing 20% off sitewide for the Boxing Day sales, a discount which just couldn't be passed up. The palette looks so pretty and I'm really excited to try the concealer as I've heard nothing but good things about it.

And lastly I caved and bought Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, which so far has been an absolute dream at protecting my lips from the harsh winter weather!

Are you a fan of any of these products?