Thursday, 16 March 2017

Spring ASOS Picks

I swear making these 'wishlist' posts actually make me far more spendy that I ought to be, I just find so many cute things! I'm especially glad to see the arrival of lots of light coloured, ruffled, lace detailed items that would go perfectly as new additions to Spring clean your wardrobe. To tell you a little secret (a very obvious one at that), I'm currently waiting on a little ASOS delivery as I type...oops! Making this wishlist definitely got the better of me, I meaaan those little bunny ballet flats with pom poms tails?! So cute.

3. SKINNYDIP  Cat Pom Pom Bag Charm

8. DAISY DIXON  Pink Pheobe Leather Watch

15. ASOS PREMIUM  Lilac Lace Skater Dress

16. ANUSCHKA REES  The Curated Closet
18. TRUE DECADENCE  Lace All Over Ruffle Blouse

Did anything catch your eye?


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Monday, 13 March 2017

5 Princess Products Every Girly Girl Needs

5 Princess Products Every Girly Girl Needs | Kate Spade, Olivia Burton, Essie & Laura Mercier

5 Princess Products Every Girly Girl Needs | Kate Spade, Olivia Burton, Essie & Laura Mercier

You'll only need to take a little glimpse at my content (or my  Instagram) to see that I am a huge lover of all things pink and girly. What? Really? No way! You'd never have guessed right?... I mean, you're probably well aware by now, so I thought I'd pop together a little post featuring some of my favourite princessy items that every girly girl needs in her life!

I received this beautiful Olivia Burton necklace as a Christmas gift (which you'll already know if you've read  this post) and oh my I absolutely adore it. The scalloped silver coin with the logo branding etched delicately into it, matches perfectly with the little rose gold bow. It's got such a dainty and girly design which really looks so beautiful when worn. It has an adjustable ball chain adjuster which is so handy because you can literally adjust it to whatever length you'd like. Of course I love their original watches too, the pretty pink and gold  Wonderland watch I've featured here has had a lot of love too!

Kate Spade |  All In Good Taste
The girly girls bible! This beautiful Kate Spade book is the perfect guide to being a hostess, with how-to's, recipes and a little sprinkling of style. It's one of those books that would look gorgeous as a coffee table centrepiece, as not only does it look pretty on display as decor, but it's also great if any guests fancy a little flick through.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm so lazy when it comes to applying body lotion after showering, that I very rarely do it (eek I know, get your act together Catherine!) However, sometimes I'll have one of those bubble bath-face mask-full skincare routine-manicure kinda nights, and this Laura Mercier Body Souffle always makes an appearance as it's the ultimate indulgent pamper product. It sinks quickly into the skin. leaves you feeling silky soft and the warm caramel, vanilla scent is utterly delicious that you'll almost want to eat it instead of slathering it over your body. Divine.

Essie |  Mademoiselle
This little one from Essie is one of my all time favourite nail polishes. It's such a delicate, pretty pink manicure shade, which is perfect for those that prefer something a little more natural. It's such an easy shade to wear, it matches everything and adds such a perfect, polished look. It's really similar to  YSL Rose Romantique polish (another one of my faves), but is a fraction of the price.

My last ultimate girly item is of course this beautiful candle from Kate Spade. Not only is the blush pink and white striped packaging so pretty and feminine, but the actual candle itself has a lovely floral fragrance of Lily, which is light but fresh and relaxing. It's gorgeous and would make for the perfect addition to a girly boudoir. Plus you can reuse the jar for makeup brushes afterwards! I did have a hard time choosing between this one and  Diptyque Roses, which comes a close second, but in terms of packaging Kate Spade wins (I mean, it's pink right?!).

What are your favourite girly princess products?


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