Friday, 9 December 2016

Cute Stocking Filler Ideas

Love, Catherine | Cute Christmas Stocking Filler Guide

I've already made two pretty Gift Guide posts for this year (which you can catch up on  here and  here if you fancy) but for those of you that are still in need of some more affordable gift ideas, here's some more for ya!

1. The Vintage Cosmetic Company |  Girls Night Tin Heart | £27.50

2. New Look |  Pink Faux Fur Pom Pom Gloves | £7.99

3. Katie Loxton |  Pink Sentiment Heart Keyring | £12.99

4. Lush |  Magic Wand Bubble Bar | £5.95

5. Sara Happ |  The Lip Slip | £19.60

6. Champneys |  Summer Dream Bubble Heaven | £12

7. Champneys |  Summer Dream Body Souffle | £10

8. Paul & Joe |  Beauty Mirror |  £14

9. Laura Hickman |  #OOTD Fashion Flat Lay Colouring Book | £12


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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

A Festive Haul

Love, Catherine | A Festive Haul

Isn't this time of year just the absolute best! I've formed a little collection of brand new festive buys and I can only apologise for the amount of times I am about to write the words cute, pretty and beautiful in this post, but just look!..

Love, Catherine | A Festive Haul

Anthropologie | Pink Candle Trio with Gold Script
Anthropologie |  Candles

I always feel like a loser being excited by a candle (you can blame Scream Queens for that) but if you are a bit of a candle freak like me, you'll understand my need for a Christmas scented candle! I almost went for The White Company, Winter again which smells amazing, but I came across this little trio of pink candles which were too cute to say no to! They are smaller than I was expecting once they arrived but look lovely anyway, and they have the phrases 'Good Cheer', 'Oh So Delightful' and 'Nice And Cosy' written in a beautiful gold script across the front. The sweet mango and coconut scent isn't exactly a festive fragrance, but they do smell really good and much nicer than I expected!

Monsoon | Ice Skate Christmas Tree Decoration

I've come to that point in my life where I love collecting Christmas decorations, and I'm not sure if that scares or excites me. Either way I found this pretty little sparkly powder blue, ice skate decoration, and I just thought it was so lovely!

Paperchase | Pastel Christmas Gift Tags with Gold Foil Script

Paperchase | Pastel Christmas Gift Tags with Gold Foil Script
Paperchase |  Pastel & Gold Gift Tags

I saw these pretty pastel gift tags on the Paperchase website and had to grab them. How beautiful are they with the goil foil festive phrases printed on them? They say 'Christmas Wishes', 'Open Me', 'Noel', 'Good Tidings' and 'Season Greetings'. Gonna be wrapping some pretty perfect looking presents this year *muscle flex*

Anthropologie | Gold Monogram Mug
Anthropologie |  Gold Monogram Mug

I've been dying to get my hands on one of these beautiful gold inital mugs from Anthropolgie for ages and I somehow told myself that Christmas time was the perfect time for it. I really, really, did not need another mug but I mean, drinking your hot chocolate out of something extremely pretty just makes it taste better, right?!

Accessorize | Pink Macaron Christmas Tree Decoration
Accessorize |  Macaron Decoration

I found this cute little pink macaron decoration through my lovely friend Freya's Instagram (she is a such a sweetheart and posts the prettiest pictures). I immediately went straight to check the Accessorize website like the little consumer I am, but I couldn't find it on there, so I randomly had a look in store a few days ago and they had two left so I had to nab one. Isn't it just too cute!

Paperchase | Mini Gold Star Sequin Baubles
Paperchase |  Mini Star Sequin Baubles

I originally bought these mini baubles because I wanted to buy a little mini Christmas tree for my bedroom, but that plan failed miserably because y'know, I'm awful at managing my money and stuff (as this post so clearly suggests..). Even so, they are adorable and the little star sequins look so pretty and twinkly!

Peggy Porschen | Christmas Snowflake Iced Cookie
Peggy Porschen | Snowflake Cookie

If you're a regular reader of my blog or follow what I get up to over on my  Instagram, then you'll know I paid a little visit to the super pretty Peggy Porschen cake shop a few days ago. They had it all dressed up with the girliest Christmas decorations and had so many beautifully wrapped, festive sugar cookies for sale. I had to buy this icy blue Snowflake Cookie because it looked so precious, but how can I possibly bite into it and ruin it?!


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